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Is This the Most Honest Celebrity Trump Rant?

Natalie Maines was bashing her president before some of today’s stars could legally vote.

The Dixie Chicks singer went to rhetorical war with President George W. Bush in the 2000s following his decision to invade Iraq.

“Just so you know, we’re on the good side with y’all. We do not want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas,” Maines said from a London stage.

That made her a media darling. It even helped fuel the group’s 2006 documentary “Shut Up and Sing,” a response to conservative critics who carped singers should entertain, not lecture.

Shut Up & Sing (2007) Official Trailer #1 - Dixie Chicks Documentary HD

Looking back, her comments were almost quaint. Celebrities regularly say far worse now about Presidents like Donald Trump, Barack Obama and George W. Bush. Just check out Twitter … if you dare.

Times change.

And yet Maines is back in the news for her most recent Twitter Trump rant.

A few months earlier she was literally singing a different tune.

Let’s focus our attention on the first, more recent tweet. Why?

In a way, it’s the most honest statement made by a celebrity regarding Trump so far. If you look at Maines’ other Tweets on the subject, or the plethora of Trump rants coming out of Hollywood, they’re often angry. Mean. Ugly.

They’re the kind of statements you wouldn’t say to anyone’s face, even if you held them in very low regard. And yet that’s what we’ve been hearing from stars for months.

Maines nails it, even if she may not fully appreciate why. Trump hasn’t just brought out the very worst in her. It’s done the same for her fellow stars.

President Trump’s flaws are legendary and too long to list here. Anyone awake for the past two years can rattle them off by heart. That means he deserves legitimate criticism on a number of fronts.

And yet too many celebrities have used Trump as an excuse to embrace their ugliest side. That’s not the president’s fault. It’s theirs. Period. They should own it and get off their moral high horses.

Kudos to Maines for stating the obvious.

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  1. “President Trump’s flaws are legendary and too long to list here. Anyone awake for the past two years can rattle them off by heart. ”

    No, liberal morons have been making stuff up for the last 18 months. Before that there were no claims of racism, misogyny, etc. Just like every other person with an R after their name as soon as he ran for office the hateful leftist, like you the author, came out of the woodwork to lie and call him Hitler. You used that on McCain too. Remember when he was from the culture of masculinity in the Air Force and thus a danger to women?

    How about the lie about groping women. He said he “just kisses them” but that “you” can “grab them by the pussy”. He’s right. The Sluts from the DNC Slut Walks are just being the gold digging home wrecking whorebags you told them they should be. Funny you lefties don’t have a problem with them being home-wrecking whores, just people talking about it. How about the women that were paid, confirmed in publicly available docs, to come forward with fake claims of assault? Or “Miss Piggy”, the useless bag of flesh that competed for one of the few jobs where your weight is part of the job, and then pack on 50lbs in a few months. Miss Piggy was being nice. Trump could have fired her for breach of the contract which she signed but he didn’t. He helped her.

    So please stop with your ignorant hateful lies about our President. You sound like a 4 year old arguing that unicorns exist. A hateful, remarkably ignorant 4 year old.

    1. What makes all this ironic (and amusing) is that despite all his very real flaws, he still beat Hillary. Because although Trump has many poor qualities, poor qualities are ALL Hillary has.

      Even more ironic is that the Dems and their MSM lickspittles did everything they could think of during the primaries to ensure Trump would be her opponent, because they thought he would be far easier to beat than any of the more conventional conservatives in the Republicans’ bench.

      How’d that work out, guys? *snicker*

    2. Trump’s had real flaws since he hit the public spotlight in May of 1977, though obviously binge tweeting at 4:30 in the morning wasn’t one of them 40 years ago. But for the celebs, it’s not enough simply to focus on those flaws — they have to bring in the most horrible accusations they can think up, with no proof of their claims, and throw them at Trump because , like Bush 43, he plays for the other team politically, so anything is permissible.

  2. having to write about celebrities as if what they have to say is worth noting is one of those dirty jobs someone has to do thankfully it’s. not me

  3. If you say Obama front woman Susan Rice is a liar, then you are a racist and a misogynist.

    Just ask the MSM.

  4. Trump derangement syndrome has saved me loads of dough by ignoring those entertainers that rant about those who voted for him, I just don’t buy their products. #WINNING!

  5. looks like the Dixie Bitches are desperate for relevance again…maybe they can move to the Middle East where everyone is against Trump and “find common ground with them”

  6. another reason I gave up on ALL branches of show biz long ago
    the only thing worse is the idiots who purchase the products from people who hate you

  7. Another entertainer who mistakenly thinks that she is an expert on politics. Her ability to sing confers exactly zero credibility on her political pronouncements.

  8. a couple of them are married to muslims

    very anti-American women
    more of satan’s imps

    won’t watch or buy their crap
    they should move to the middle east

  9. The Dixie Chicks were hypocrites back then. They made their comments in Europe, to foreign newspapers, instead of facing their fans at home and saying they loathed them. It was their bad luck that someone online translated their comments and published them.

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