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Celebrities Make Smollett’s Arrest All About Trump

Jussie Smollett is now a suspect connected to not one but two racially-charged hoaxes.

You might think celebrities would focus their ire on a man who belittled what it means to be attacked for your sexual preference or race. They might even rage against someone who taxed the resources of a large city police department where innocents are gunned down on a regular basis.Whatfinger News

And then, as the evidence appears overwhelmingly, clung to his “I’m innocent” routine.

Not exactly.

A number of celebrities used Smollett’s hoax to bash … President Donald Trump.

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Now, some stars shared the basics facts of the case. Far-left actor Jon Cryer, for example, comes to mind.

“Halloween” star Jamie Lee Curtis addressed the hoax by dragging in a gaggle of pet causes into the conversation. She also inadvertently called herself a racist in the process.

Call it the “fake but accurate” line of thinking.

Former child star Quinn Cummings slammed Smollett as “dumb,” but pivoted to a crude attack on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

Comedian Hari Kondabolu (Netflix’s “Warn Your Relatives) embraced the “fake but accurate” style of news made famous by Dan Rather:

Far-left comic Patton Oswalt couldn’t stand that President Trump spoke the truth following Smollett’s arrest:

Far-left comic W. Kamau Bell melted down after reading President Trump defend his supporters who were unfairly accused of a crime.

Far-left comic actor Billy Eichner didn’t wait for Smollett’s story to disintegrate before weaponizing the hoax against Trump supporters.

Far-left comic/pundit D.L. Hughley used his CNN perch to attach the Smollett hoax to Trump, too.

“It’s interesting when you use hatred and bigotry and lying for your own selfish end, and you are a young gay black kid, you get indicted. If you do it when you’re an old white guy, you become president.”

Michael Ian Black, a comedian best known on Twitter for calling the NRA a “terrorist organization,” cracked a mild joke at Smollett’s expense.

HBO’s far-left comic Bill Maher followed suit. He also attacked the media for its intense coverage of the Smollett saga. What’s missing? Any attempt to shame reporters who got the story so wrong in the first place.

Finally, comedian Rob Schneider found the funny betwixt the hoaxes.

Singer Erich Bergan joined the celebrity crowd, aghast that Trump could be right on a racially-charged issue.

“Westworld” actor Jeffrey Wright also used Smollett’s arrest to blame Trump for a man who threatened mass murder. Naturally, there’s no connection as of yet between the would-be killer and Trump. That doesn’t matter to Trump Derangement Syndrome victims:

Actress Iyanla Vanzant got caught on a red carpet by a journalist who asked about Smollett’s situation. She, too, played the Trump card.

Black comedian CoCoa Brown took a dramatically different approach to Smollett’s story unraveling. She posted a video sharing her disgust with how Smollett’s lie belittled those who have truly suffered from racist attacks.

Taraji P. Henson, Smollett’s co-star on “Empire,” praised the actor on a new “Dr. Oz” appearance.

“He is resilient. His mother raised him right. At his very core he is love, that’s just who he is and love is gonna always win,” Henson says.

Has her opinion changed now? We’ll see if any reporter asks her about it.’s liberal editor, Sharon Waxman, noted Hollywood’s general silence on Smollett’s arrest. She also mourned how the hoax would let conservatives “pounce” once more.

It’s a setback for those who want to champion equality and diversity, which is pretty much everyone in Hollywood, let’s be honest. It hands a potent weapon to critics of “Hollywood liberals” that will be wielded for years.

Hollywood liberals should be outraged by Smollett’s actions. Period.

But, like too many stars, Waxman is using the debacle to smite her political enemies rather than defend those unjustly targeted by Smollett’s hate – Trump supporters.

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