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Carolla: Apolitical Comics May Be Secret Trump Voters

Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t be much different.

Kimmel hosts a long-running ABC talk show and embraces Hollywood’s hard-left platform.

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Carolla, who worked with Kimmel on “The Man Show” and “Crank Yankers,” is a rock ribbed Libertarian type. The podcaster also pals around with conservative talker Dennis Prager, Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro and talker Dave Rubin.

Carolla teamed with Rubin this week for an extended interview for “The Rubin Report.” The show’s host considers himself a “classical liberal,” which means he’s disowned by modern progressives.

The two explored Hollywood’s political messaging, among other topics. That led to a curious revelation by Carolla, who works within the Tinsel Town ecosystem despite his rebel status.

Technically, his podcast network is a “pirate ship” he steers without a boss. Still, he regularly interviews Hollywood stars, creates documentaries that appear on Netflix and contributes to mainstream projects like Comedy Central roasts.

He’s currently starring in “No Safe Spaces,” a film featuring Tim Allen, Bryan Callen and other comics.

In short, he knows the industry but can talk about it without fear of reprisal. It’s what made his recent comments so surprising.

The two discussed openly political celebrities as well as those who keep their views to themselves. That’s on purpose, Carolla says, in more ways than one.

How You Can Know Who's A Secret Celebrity Republican (Pt. 1) | Adam Carolla | COMEDY | Rubin Report

“I now kind of figured it out,” Carolla said. “Well, I know Sarah Silverman and Mark Ruffalo and Alyssa Milano. I know their politics, but I don’t know Jerry Seinfeld’s politics, or I don’t know Jay Leno’s politics. … when you don’t know, go ahead and check the Republican box.”

Carolla backed up his comments by citing the current presidential campaign.

“My new theory … and I have some insider trading information here .. how come everyone else is out there blasting it out from the highest mountain … when you’re on the Left and you’re not playing it close to the vest … if you are backing Bernie or Elizabeth Warren, and you’re in the Hollywood community, you have a bullhorn and you’re on a mountaintop.”

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“If you really just do the reverse math, who are the people whose politics you’re completely unaware of and you never heard them speak a word about it?” Carolla said. “You must go, ‘hmmm, how come I’ve never seen ’em at a rally, a women’s rally or sending a tweet out about … you go, I’m gonna do reverse math on that.”

“So you’re saying Seinfeld ain’t voting for Bernie,” Rubin asked, smiling.

“I think the guys who you hear nothing about have a leaning that’s probably a little less Bernie and probably a little more Trump,” Carolla said.

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