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‘Canceled’ Scott Adams Crushes Amazon Book Sales

'Reframe Your Brain' among bookseller's hottest titles following cancellation

Scott Adams had a pretty good gig mocking the foibles of office life.

His celebrated strip “Dilbert” made him a household name, but over the years Adams stretched beyond the popular title.

Just one example?

He became renowned for analyzing President Donald Trump in ways deemed unacceptable by the mainstream. Why?

He took Trump seriously.

'Dilbert' creator: Trump won by painting with w...

Adams kept pushing and probing modern life via his coffee-based vlogs, social media and media commentary. He questioned much of polite society, offered insights into the human condition and shared observations rarely heard in the public space.

He wasn’t Left or Right, either, just an inquisitive mind willing to challenge societal norms.

When he examined a poll suggesting black Americans held negative views of white Americans last year, he reacted in ways he must have known would be incendiary.

And they were.

Scott Adams called Black Americans a “hate group” and suggested white Americans “get the hell away from Black people” in response to a conservative organization’s poll purporting to show that many African Americans do not think it’s OK to be white.

His professional career collapsed, including a book project he now dubs “twice cancelled.”

He knew what he was doing, apparently.

“I discovered that the price of free speech is really high and there are only a few people willing to pay it,” Adams says. “So I decided to pay it. So that I could extend the conversation to something that everybody needs to hear.”

Now, like many canceled artists before him, he’s finding a massive audience for his views.

His new book, “Reframe Your Brain: The User Interface for Happiness and Success” is the 17th best-selling book on The author says the title soared as high as the 10th spot via his Twitter account.

Other “canceled” artists have similarly struck a chord with the public. Morgan Wallen’s fans never left his side after Country, Inc. canceled him for saying the “n-word” in a private exchange, and not against a black person.

Louis CK sold out Madison Square Garden despite Hollywood canceling him after he admitted to exposing himself in front of several women.

Adams’ fans either looked past his bizarre poll interpretation or realized he was testing the culture’s limits to see what might happen next.

Now, thanks to alternative media outlets, he can still make a living and let his voice be heard.

Scott Adams | The Roseanne Barr Podcast #11


  1. “Adams’ fans either looked past his bizarre poll interpretation…”

    So it’s perfectly all right for members of one racial demographic to proclaim that it’s “not right” to be a member of a different demographic…but to call that group out for their judgmental and blatantly racist position is “bizarre”?

    I’d say that to avoid interacting with people who condemn me for an immutable characteristic right down to my DNA is a prudent self defense mechanism and anything but “bizarre”.

    1. First of all, go back to school and learn the proper use of reflexive pronouns.
      Second, ask your husband if he’s okay with you using his computer.
      Third, get your T levels checked and hit the gym. It won’t kill you, and even if it does, it would be better than living like the perpetually confused soyboi beta simp you already are.

  2. I watch Scott’s morning podcasts regularly. He is one of the most thought-provoking commentators you will ever find. Extremely smart and engaging.
    If you haven’t watched his Coffee with Scott Adams livestreams on YouTube, you should check it out. Like me, you’ll probably get hooked.

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