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‘Cancelator’ Parody Shreds Woke Nation

'Terminator'-inspired clip shows true power behind Cancel Culture brigade

“Saturday Night Live” uncorked a killer “commercial” in 2017 for Woke Jeans.

The satirical short skewered the far-Left mindset, aided by a guest host with future KENergy, Ryan Gosling.

Levi's Wokes - SNL

The venerable series has mostly left the “woke mind virus” alone since then. The writer’s strike means we won’t be seeing new “SNL” episodes for a while, although even when the strike is settled the show will go back to mocking GOP-friendly targets first and foremost, if the past decade is any indication.

That leaves it to independent comics to pick up the slack and mock the most mockable social scourge of the 21st century.

Ryan Long. Tim Dillon. Tyler Fischer. And, now, Lou Perez of Free the People.

The group’s new video, “The Cancelator,” stars Perez as a different kind of “terminator.” He doesn’t blow away his victims or crush them under his metallic boot. He scans their social media accounts for “problematic” content.

He will not stop until you’ve been canceled.

The video recreates classic moments from director James Cameron’s iconic film, with Perez cyber-stalking Sarah Connor in a nightclub.

“Say you believe Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense,” The Cancelator tells its frightened target.

Free the People isn’t an openly conservative group, but it knows sharing right-leaning views is the swiftest way to be canceled by the far-Left mob. Its “Comedy Is Murder” series previoysly poked fun at pronouns, gender confusion, corrupt FBI officials and more.


  1. I don’t think that Cancelator sketch was funny at all. I prefer my conservative comedians to be smart and clever. Norm MacDonald was a conservative comedian who was all that and more. He was beyond hilarious and a comic genius.

    1. Yeah, I was expecting a lot more/funnier as well. I had a hard time determining which character was the “good guy”. It was wicked meh.

  2. SNL went conservative long ago. Once they let Trump host it was over. They helped him get elected by legitimizing his campaign. We could have had any number of more qualified Republican candidates way better than Trump.

      1. I said SNL”helped” Trump get elected. I did not say they got him elected. The same way Fox News, Jimmy Fallon and other shows and networks helped him get elected. Fox News never challenged him. We could have had a much better Republican President had the right wing media not endorsed him. You really think Trump is the best we got?

    1. Is your head in a hole? SNL has never been conservative and all theu peddle is far-left ‘comedy.’

      Having Donald Trump on SNL doesn’t make the hence conservative anymore than when CNN hosts him for town halls. And at what point is SNL the king-maker of democracy? The show has been taking in ratings for the last 15 years.

      1. When Trump hosted SNL he was not challenged in any way. It was a full throated endorsement. He was treated well. On CNN he is challenged. Big difference.

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