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Is This Buzzfeed Non-Scandal the Silliest Story of 2017?

Elmer Fudd hunted “wabbits.” Media outlets are on the prowl for the next “she persisted” moment.

Mainstream Media outlets turned Sen. Elizabeth Warren getting interrupted by Sen. Mitch McConnell in February into a bona fide meme. They even peddled T-shirts with “She Persisted…” emblazoned on them.

Chelsea Clinton shrewdly pounced, too, scoring a book deal from the non-story.

Chelsea Clinton On New Book 'She Persisted' | The View


To paint Sen. Warren as a victim, punish GOP politicians and prop up the Gender Card. And reporters did it again recently. Scribes whined when Sen. Kamala Harris got interrupted by male members of the Senate.

The Washington Examiner trashed that faux argument by noting the reaction when Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos got similar treatment from male peers.

Media outrage? A new line of T-shirts?

Try crickets.

Now, Buzzfeed is attempting something similar against Jimmy Fallon. Why? Possible because the “Tonight Show” host “humanized” Donald Trump before the election and reporters have yet to forgive him. That, and the media’s cheerleading for Stephen Colbert and his liberal cohorts, tells you all you need to know about their biases.

The Fallon outrage also shows just how low journalism has fallen.

Fallon recently invited “America’s Got Talent” host Heidi Klum onto his show. The usual celebrity banter ensued, along with a cute “AGT” clip near the end of the segment. When the clip ended Klum wanted to add one more comment but Fallon cut her off.

The segment was over. He had to move on. Hard breaks rule on television. Is that outrageous? Insulting? Sexist? Try a Nothingburger with cheese.

Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks Turn America's Got Talent into a Victoria's Secret Reunion

So how did BuzzFeed capture the non-moment? Here’s the dramatic headline:

Jimmy Fallon Cut Off Heidi Klum When She Just Wanted To Say One Last Thing And It’s Actually Really Sad

Sad? A celebrity didn’t get to add one more sentence to her generic interview? That’s just the start of the journalism theatrics.

Jims acted a savage and straight-up cut our girl off after she just wanted to say ONE LAST THING

What did she hope to say but couldn’t? Did it involve a possible cancer remedy? A terrorist plot? If only she had some way to let us know — like social media or her own show where she could finish that crucial thought.

It’s easy to make fun of BuzzFeed being … BuzzFeed. But there’s a purpose behind concocting stories out of whole cloth. Narratives must be enforced. Those who dare treat President Trump like a human being must be made to suffer. And the next time a liberal female politician is interrupted during an exchange, a perfectly ordinary moment in Beltway life, they can weaponize it anew.

And so a 100 percent fake news story emerges. Even BuzzFeed readers fired back.

Jeremy Johnson: Yeah this article was worthless. He probably got a cue from someone offstage saying to wrap it up. This isn’t newsworthy.

The truly sad part? Cosmopolitan took the BuzzFeed bait, too. In fact, the progressive women’s magazine doubled down on the insanity.

Jimmy Fallon Cutting Off Heidi Klum on National TV Is Peak Cringe: The world will never know what Heidi wanted to say.

Slow news week, perhaps? More like editors and reporters knowing exactly what narratives to push … and who to punish.

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