Who Needs Dirty Jokes and Political Swipes? Not Brian Regan

There’s even a new streaming network devoted to bringing stand-up comedians to screens large and small.

Comedy Central, known for highlighting many original and great comedians via their own specials, is still in the game, though.

Brian Regan: Live From Radio City Music Hall,” available Feb. 16 on DVD, is Comedy Central’s most recent special to reach home video.

Brian Regan: Live From Radio City Music Hall Trailer

With so many comedians vying for our attention it can be hard to stand out. People love comics who do something different, whether it’s telling jokes via podcasts, TV shows (like FX’s “Louie”) or a number of other digital platforms.

How does Regan stand out? He shows up on stage without a single trick to call his own. He keeps it simple with his 56-minute special. No gimmicks, no following in anyone else’s footsteps. He manages to stand out and earn lots of laughs with just some great stories and a microphone.

The new Regan special is easy for anyone to enjoy, young or old. Unlike a lot of other comedy today, it stays surprisingly clean and apolitical. Regan is probably one of the few stand-ups who won’t divide audiences. Instead, he’ll bring them together.

FAST FACT: This is Brian Regan’s first live recorded special.

The special is filled with hilarious bits, like when Regan talks about the lengths people will go to not work. He also pokes fun of how some hotels treat their customers.

Regan goes against the grain and earns laughs simply by losing the gimmicks, the vulgarity and the polarizing opinions. He’s just funny through and through, and sometimes that’s simply all you need.


  • He’s played sold-out shows at the historic Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. That’s the venue where U2 recorded the 1983 “Live at Red Rocks: Under a Blood Red Sky” album.
  • He often takes his children on the road with him.
  • He doesn’t want to ever get too famous. “The more successful you get, I think, the more it can ruin the comedy,” he says.
  • He is the fourth of eight children.
  • His high school football coach suggested he give the theater a try.

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