Author Warns Consumers About the Fallout from Media Censorship

'Mercury's 'Fake' Message' is a story for our gaslighting age

Fake or Fact? The ending will leave you speechless—or not.

My latest book, “Mercury’s ‘Fake’ Message,” may help combat a future rife with media censorship. The story pairs a novella, with an element of truth, to a non-fiction compendium as a guide so you can understand Mercurys Fake Message book cover just how much words and images can be manipulated to gain an emotional reaction and twist facts.

This “devilishly clever tale” has a surprise awaiting you, and then details how to spot the clues along the way.

“Mercury’s ‘Fake’ Message” is a story to be shared with others, as a method to raise awareness to all of our unconscious biases as we emotionally react to headlines without consideration of context or purposeful manipulation.

Definitely provocative and shocking, the book raises the fundamental question we should all ask as consumers of today’s media: Does it matter which point of view matches yours in this war of words, or simply the facts?


Silicon Valley author Ann Bridges’ career spanned operations, finance, and marketing executive positions in the exploding convergence of the technology, communications, and entertainment industries. A graduate of Stanford University, her experiences form the foundation of her acclaimed fiction and non-fiction about the impact of technology worldwide on freedom and the role of China in America’s past, present, and future.

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