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Andrew Schulz Shreds San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi

Rebel comic says City by the Bay is as gross and crime ridden as advertised

Andrew Schulz says he didn’t believe the media’s portrayal of San Francisco.

Surely a major American city can’t be as filthy and out of control as the updates he sees on his smart phone and elsewhere. Exaggerations often camouflage the truth, and this could be yet another example, the “Flagrant” podcaster figured.

Call it Fake News on Steroids.

And then he visited the California city for himself last month as part of his “The Life” stand-up tour. Schulz posted a clip from that performance this week via his Instagram account.

Suffice it to say the media reports were not exaggerations.


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“I see the way the media tries to paint San Francisco like it’s this crime-infested, drug-riddled dystopia,” he told the crowd. “That’s bulls***.

“I got out here Thursday. I saw a man s*** into a fountain,” he told the San Francisco crowd to mostly laughter.

“We need some laws. We tried to be the ‘cool mom’ of cities. ‘Come to my house to do the Fentanyl.’ It’s terrifying,” he said.

In 2022, voters ousted San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, exhausted by what Politico dubbed his “lenient prosecution” policies.

News reports out of San Francisco remain grim.

Mayor Landon Breed touted declining crime numbers in January, saying in a statement that “our work around public safety is making a difference.”

But police statistics analyzed by The Post show that the city’s previously quieter residential areas are instead being hit hard with burglary — and shopkeepers in those areas told The Post they’re living on edge.

The city remains under strict Democratic rule, embracing the kind of “soft on crime” mien that has bedeviled many U.S. cities.

Schulz noticed. He also knows who to blame.

“Don’t get me wrong. I understand the idea behind the progressive policies. It’s a city that’s going, ‘you know what? We trust our people to be good.’ And we learned you’re not. You’re not,” he said. 

“You will steal a toothbrush if it’s not behind bulletproof glass. The toothbrushes [in San Francisco] have more security than the Mona Lisa. There’s a problem,” he added.

Top San Francisco officials to discuss solutions to rampant shoplifting, smash-and-grab robberies

Schulz wasn’t done.

“And I’ve been to the Tenderloin [neighborhood]. There’s not a lot of teeth. Who’s stealing these toothbrushes, deodorant and shampoo? The Tenderloin should smell like Sephora. It smells like Nancy Pelosi’s strap-on,” he cracked.

He didn’t stop there regarding San Francisco’s most recognized politician. He riffed on Rep. Pelosi’s good fortune in our capitalist system.

Namely, her stock portfolio.

“It’s amazing [Pelosi] can predict the stock market for three decades and not predict that if you let people steal they’ll do it,” Schulz said.

House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) grilled by reporters on stock trading


  1. SF reporter Lee Fang, on more than one occasion, has made note of the Far Left’s push to maintain control of San Francisco and its environs. Fang has irked hard Left Supervisor Dean Preston, who has used his perch on the city council to push for abolishing prisons and removing police presence. Preston has countered Fang by seizing upon news articles to claim that the work of Fang, et al., confirm a “right wing takeover” of San Francisco. Preston, when facing reelection, promised to “fight back” against “dystopian conservatives.” The reporting tracks, in the words of one of the reporters, the “network of interlocking non-profits, dark money groups and political action committees” pushing to “undo” San Francisco’s “progressive policies.”
    The issues these SF billionaires and their politicos have zeroed in on are traditionally associated with political moderates, like restoring algebra to public middle school – the classes were removed by city leftists for racial equity reasons – hiring more police officers in the midst of a crime wave and a street addiction crisis, and encouraging new construction to bring down the price of housing.
    Beyond the absurdity of painting these mainstream goals as some type of fascist plot, the subtext of Preston’s narrative is the false assumption that big money only flows to the moderates. Preston depicts a right-wing power grab. In reality, the city’s hard left wildly benefits from millions of dollars from its own faction of wealthy donors – many of whom are slum lords and heirs of family wealth who have radically transformed San Francisco with years of advocacy and electioneering.
    Far left donors keep pushing for DEI-style government programs that make benefits contingent on skin color or race and to slash the number of police officers who can respond to incidents of violent crime.
    Take the Center for Empowered Politics. Since 2009, CEP has operated a web of advocacy and campaign groups in San Francisco and Oakland to mobilize voters for far left causes.
    The New Republic makes much of Garry Tan contributing $100,000 to the effort to oust “decarceral” San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin. But San Francisco Rising, a project of the CEP, was the largest donor to Boudin’s 2019 campaign for the DA’s office. The group formed a special independent expenditure committee and poured in $288,825, to help carry Boudin into office.
    SF Rising also played a key role in working to elect Supervisors Preston, Gordon Mar, Connie Chan, Shamann Walton, and other members that make up the far left flank of San Francisco politics in recent years.
    These are the faces who are responsible for the deterioration of that once beautiful city that songs were written about and lovers romanticized about. These are the wannabe mobsters and crime lords who have reduced Union Square and Market Street, once a mecca of retail style and fashion, into a ghetto of boarded up buildings, empty of merchants, but sheltering the helpless, the homeless, the angry and the indigent, who reside in makeshift blue-tarp structures where retail door fronts used to be. Now there are street corner pharmacopeians who provide a temporary but addictive euphoria in pill or powder form. Walk up or drive by, cash money is the only prescription needed. Their customer service is swift and fleet, unhampered by a nuisance police presence.
    These streets of SF no longer feed lovers’ dreams or visitors’ fantasies. They are becoming more like the streets that Snake Plissken was wont to roam. Nightmare Alley, anyone? This is what they call “Progressive?”

    1. Wrong pockets, mate! The CEOs were doing the spending, funding the local “progressives.” It was the mayor, the Soros-sponsored DAs, the Board of Supervisors, and the other hard Left “community organizers” who were doing all the taking: the CRTs, the DEIs, the LGBQTs, the TGs, the Barack Obama wannabes, et al. The mayor had a cash window set up at city hall where the local street life could walk up every week and pick up $400 cash money, and get coupons for aroma-therapy, to help “cushion” their “hard lives” on the street.
      Not ridiculous enough for you? Supervisors Preston, Gordon Mar, Connie Chan, Shamann Walton, and other members of the Board of Supes are now working on packages of “Reparations” for local Blacks. Calif wasn’t even a state during the Civil War, yet hard Lefties are still looking for more new and crazier crack-pot ways to pick the pockets of the California tax payers in their war on families, in general, and straights and whites, in particular. The Left’s Marxist boot is pressing heavier and heavier on the necks of those who still want to call themselves American.

  2. The Pelosi-led Left has turned SF into Death Wish 3, but w/o a Charles Bronson to fight back. Here are some off the folks responsible for turning the once famous ‘Baghdad by the Bay” into that “$hithole South of Sausalito.”
    In 2022, SF Rising organized an effort to overturn the city’s redistricting maps, which they perceived as unfriendly to allied progressive leaders.
    SF Rising/CEP receives financial support from a small clique of wealthy liberal interests:
    – The James Irvine Foundation, funded by the inherited fortunes of the Irvine Company, the real estate interest that planned and built much of the early development in Orange County, has donated $600,000 to SF Rising/CEP and over $4.5 million to the Chinese Progressive Association, SF Rising’s Chinese outreach affiliate, over the last six years.
    – SF Rising’s “Youth and Families Taking Power” PAC was funded largely by middle-aged wealthy donors. Kaitlyn and Michel Krieger, the couple that co-founded Instagram, gave $42,500; billionaire Susan Pritzker gave $15,000; and Elizabeth Simons, the daughter of a billionaire hedge fund trader, gave $25,000. Simons’ charitable foundation has additionally donated at least $160,000 to CEP over the last three years.
    – The Open Society Policy Center, funded by billionaire George Soros, has donated multiple grants to SF Rising/CEP totaling $1,350,000 since 2020, according to tax returns.
    – Other major donors to SF Rising/CEP include Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who gave $100,000 through his foundation, and the Zellerbach family, the heirs of a timber and paper fortune now owned by Koch Industries, who have given $50,000. The Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund of the billionaire Levi Strauss family fortune has donated $594,000 to SF Rising/CEP.

  3. Until every city wises up and elects their own version of ’90s Rudy Giuliani to clean up the place, they’re just rearranging furniture on the Titanic.

    1. Those who voted for this madness that ruins their cities deserve to suffer the consequences of their actions.

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