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‘America’s Got Talent’ Champ Darci Lynne Farmer Latest ‘Reagan’ Addition

The singing ventriloquist dives into the eagerly awaited biopic of The Gipper

Darci Lynne Farmer had a little help during her successful “America’s Got Talent” run.

The young ventriloquist appeared on the big stage with her furry puppets, including Petunia, and they made the most of their NBC screen time. 

Farmer earned the show’s crown in 2017, showing her musical chops along the way. She also snagged more votes for a final performance than any other contestant in “AGT” history.

Darci Lynne Is Back: Proves Why She May Be The GREATEST 'AGT' Winner! | America's Got Talent 2019

Now, she’s tasked with making one of the most consequential leaders of the 20th century look downright heroic.

Farmer, now 17, just joined the cast of “Reagan,” the upcoming biopic of the nation’s 40th president. Dennis Quaid stars as the Commander in Chief who won the Cold War, turned the American economy around and became a conservative icon.


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She’ll play a young swimmer “saved” by young Ronald Reagan during his lifeguarding days. Media reports say the future president rescued 77 distressed swimmers in total, but some joke a few may have been seeking … something else.

Young Farmer shares a similar perspective.

“Half of them were teenage girls who faked it because they thought he was cute and they just wanted to be saved by him,” Lynne told The Oklahoman about her part in the film.

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The biopic also features Nick Searcy (James Baker), Penelope Ann Miller (Nancy Reagan), Mena Suvari (Jane Wyman), Lesley-Ann Down (Margaret Thatcher), Kevin Dillon (Jack Warner), Xander Berkeley (Secretary of State George Schultz) and Trevor Donovan as John Barletta, as one of Reagan’s Secret Service agent.

Rounding out the all-star cast is Oscar winner Jon Voight, cast as a KGB agent who tracked Reagan for 40 years.

“Reagan,” directed by Sean McNamara of “Soul Surfer” fame, is expected to be released in 2022.

(‘Reagan’ image photo credit: Tanner Herriott)

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