Zo Rachel: How Conservatives Can Fight Back

AlfonZo Rachel needs every inch of his Twitter bio space.

As it stands, it reads:

“Conservative Evangelist. Republican RANTagonist. Christian, Musician, Martial Artist, happy Husband. 20 lb Sledge.”

That barely scratches the surface for the media pioneer, whose work bounces from viral YouTube videos to in-demand public speaking. At the moment, “Zo” is laser focused on music, specifically 20 lb. Sledge. His band’s impossible to categorize new album, “Electric Exodus,” brims with heart, heat and a dash of Gospel.

20LB Sledge - Electric Exodus

In short, not a bad summation of Rachel’s brand. HiT reached out to Rachel to find out more about the album as well as his thoughts on Big Tech’s war on conservatives.

Hollywood in Toto: You’ve got your hands in any number of projects at a given time … what made you decide to focus on “Electric Exodus” now?

Alfonzo Rachel: Ha! It’s been about six years since the “Divine Battery” album! So I figured I needed to put out some new jams! The reason why it’s taken so long is due to finding the right players. I do all the music on the album, except the vocals, but still need players to do shows.

It took years to find the right vocalist. And after all these years I may have connected with a prospective guitarist. Producing “Electric Exodus” at this time is to do our part to continue letting people know Who the Real LIFE of the party is! The Author of Life and Liberty, Yeshuah!

We all claim to love liberty, but too many are given over to ideas that are a perversion of liberty. The preservation of liberty has to square up with the Author of it. But too many don’t want to, cause, “Where’s the fun in that?”

Funny how these folks are usually the most miserable.

HiT: Your music is part Gospel, part heavy metal, a dollop of rap, and that’s just a hint of the influences on display. Is that part of the sound’s appeal for you, a reflection of your various artistic appetites?

Rachel: Yeah, I reckon so. I was a kid in the ’70s and my favorite music was Disco and funk. The groove and the melodies were amazing and just fun! I liked some rock too, but when I heard “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol I knew that I wanted to play rock and roll, and then when I heard the “Master of Puppets” album by Metallica I knew what kind of rock I wanted to work into the fusion I had in mind.

Metallica: Master of Puppets (Manchester, England - June 18, 2019)

So bands like Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, along with my earlier favs like LTD, Earth Wind and Fire,
Heatwave, and Steely Dan were my core. I wanted take those heavy, chunky, motor revving riffs of the aforementioned rock bands, and infuse it with Syrupy chords and good time grooves!

HiT: Rock songs aren’t supposed to remind us the beautiful girl in question “is somebody’s daughter” like “Trauma Sutra” does … can you share a little more about that track?

Rachel: It’s weird how so many in the culture wants to be about #Metoo, and pro-woman and what-not, while listening to so much music that has no respect for women.

Too many act like it’s empowering to parade themselves as sex objects, and are terribly confused about what it is to be respected and valued, and too many males pander to their confusion in the hopes that it will pay off. In some cases if it doesn’t they’ll take it by force.

So to women, the song asks them to consider the situations they could be putting themselves in, and how they can be presenting themselves. And to the men it ask them to remember that no matter what
she’s doing, you’re not entitled to her.

And when that line is crossed whether it’s with a girl ya met at the club or if it’s child stolen for
trafficking, the punishment due should involve lots and lots and lots of Tylenol.

HiT: Conservatives often struggle to get their messages out via pop culture … how does “Electric Exodus” make that happen on your terms? Where’s the personal line for you between sharing your values but not getting on a soapbox?

Rachel: Indeed, making the conservative message bold, clear and consistent. The problem is that it often comes out corny. The conservative audience doesn’t really need the message packaged up for them because they already get the message, and if ya speak it passionately even better.

But conservatives really take for granted that there’s a whole other population that don’t receive this message as readily. They could, but it has to be delivered differently. Liberals are the worst offenders of
being preachy, plus their ideals are absurd, and even worse than corny. It’s all out High Fructose. But corn syrup is in everything, isn’t it?

It makes what could be good for you not so good for you, but it taste better. As I’ve long said, Liberals have a horrible message but they’ve got a great delivery system, and they supply and demand this delivery system.

Conservatives have a great message but they don’t have a great delivery system and whats worse they really don’t supply and demand it.

20 lb SLEDGE : Divine Battery (Lyric vid)

Being preachy or stomping on the soap-box isn’t really the problem. Not delivering the message through creative means to capture their attention and imagination is. When you can have preachy liberals accusing America of being racist and sexist, while they flood the culture with entertainment media that constantly uses the N-word and B-word then that kinda tells me it’s not all about what ya say, it’s how ya say it.

HiT: We’re seeing right-of-center pundits getting deplatformed, demonetized … do you see this getting worse as the 2020 presidential campaign heats up? How can conservatives effectively fight back?

Rachel: I can only hope it doesn’t get worse. I’ve been shadow banned for over five years now, and it’s not any better. I reckon it will get worse because liberals are full of hate and have been conditioned to believe that the hate they feel is love.

Conservatives aren’t in the places where people receive these perverted ideas of love and liberty to offer something to capture their attention. Many conservatives are funding liberal propaganda more than fighting it. I’ll bet you there’s more conservatives that pay to have a Netflix subscription than there are liberals who have a subscription to The Blaze.

Ilhan Omar: All In The Family

I don’t object to folks having Netflix, but more conservatives will pay for liberals to entertain them which enables them to promote their poisonous propaganda, and conservatives have money to contribute to politicians who just disappoint them.

They do this while saying government is the problem. But when when it comes to supporting and demanding the supply of creative messaging through music, movies teleplays and such to compete against media that’s being produced to rot our republic conservatives are slow with the supply and demand of that.

Too many conservatives think that fighting back is putting on a MAGA hat and walking around in
public. Their sense of defiance and national pride makes them overlook that many of the people who are “offended” by this are conditioned to be offended by it, and were already warp-wired emotionally and mentally.

If conservatives would be more supportive with the supply and demand of presenting media that would compete for the interest of people the way liberals present media to capture their interest then we could use that to tell people the truth. It won’t solve all our problems, but it will help.

Again, Liberals have used creative media to promote insanity. I reckon we should demand and supply creative media to promote sanity.

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