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Alan Ritchson Doubles Down on Cops, Attacks DeSantis

'Ungentlemanly Warfare' star lashes out Florida Republican in latest hard-Left rant

Alan Ritchson has a funny way of promoting movies.

The star behind “Reacher” hits the big screen once more Friday with “The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.” The Guy Ritchie romp, loosely based on true events, casts him as a World War II-era soldier battling the Nazi menace.

The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare (2024) Official Trailer - Starring Henry Cavill

This is the perfect time for him to spread the word about the film and coax as many people to see it in theaters.

Instead, he’s spent the last few weeks attacking:

  • Christians
  • Donald Trump
  • Law enforcement

And, now, he’s expanding his target list to include Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.


Previously, Ritchson mocked Christians for supporting a “con man” like President Donald Trump and slammed police during a The Hollywood Reporter interview.

Cops get away with murder all the time, and the fact that we can’t really hold them accountable for their improprieties is disturbing to me. We should completely reform the way that we do it. I mean, you shouldn’t have to spend more time getting an education as a hairstylist than as a cop who’s armed with a deadly weapon. We should make it very hard for people to make mistakes or abuse power in our institutions,”

That drew a heated response from the National Fraternal Order of Police.

Ritchson’s “Warfare” opens this Friday, April 19, but he saw fit to fire back at FOP via his Instagram account.


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A post shared by Alan Ritchson (@alanritchson)

This kind of emotionally immature response is the epitome of what concerns me about law enforcement today. If this is how leadership handles a peaceful disagreement, what does life look like for those unseen interactions in the street? ⁣

How does this shape the character of those police officers looking to management? ⁣

Do you really want individuals so easily angered, who bully like school children to have a gun and the protection of an untouchable union? ⁣

I don’t.⁣

⁣Then he targeted DeSantis:

⁣To make matters worse, in Florida, voters perpetuate these issues by continuing to support people like Gov. Desantis [sic] who just passed a law making it illegal for anyone other than the police to police themselves. This, lack of transparency would be laughable if not so deadly. ⁣

To recap:

An actor whose star is on the rise has a new movie hitting theaters nationwide. Instead of taking a diplomatic approach to interviews and social media, he’s attacked massive groups nationwide.

  • Trump fans
  • Conservatives
  • DeSantis supporters
  • Cop supporters
  • Christians

The First Amendment gives Ritchson the right to say all of the above, of course. No one suggests he should be prevented from speaking his mind.

Ironically, his fellow liberals loathe said right.

Will his comments negatively impact “Warfare” at the box office? We’ll see.

The film is currently projected to earn just $6 million during its opening frame. That’s a terrible haul for a blockbuster-style action film.


  1. did he say anything correct? havent you been following the story? he’s not calling for accountability he’s vomiting leftist talking points that are based in ignorance. also, he’s pretending to gatekeep Christianity, pretending Trump raped a woman and is pretending police murder people en mass. dude is a divisive meathead.

  2. So, what, exactly did he say that was wrong? I support Law Enforcement and believe in the rule of law, but all one needs to do is watch some YT videos to see how many police officers overstep their boundaries on a regular basis. It is frightful how many of these officers there are that have ZERO business wearing a badge and gun. There are plenty with God complexes and use qualified immunity to their advantage.
    So Ritchson called for accountability and controls. Are YOU against those things? And why?
    Just take a quick look back at COVID and the jackbooted tactics used. How many cops said “no, I will not enforce these arbitrary rules put in place by tyrants”.
    Hardly any.

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