HiT Episode No. 145: Comedian Adam Yenser (‘Ellen’)

Ellen DeGeneres caught flak from liberals recently after she treated President George W. Bush like you should treat anyone at any time.

With grace, humor and kindness.

Adam Yenser knows why his boss endured such blowback. Yenser is a right-of-center comic who doesn’t hide his political beliefs. He’s a cultural warrior by default.

Sure, he’s behind enemy lines, ideologically speaking, but he’s thriving all the same. He’s not only an Emmy Award-winning writer for “Ellen,” but a successful stand-up as well.

Adam Yenser Stand-Up 11/06/13 | CONAN on TBS

His comedy background includes penning yuks for The Oscars and “Saturday Night Live” and nabbing the Best New Political Comedian honors at 2015’s Politicon.

Yenser gives plenty of thought to his politically charged routines. He still doesn’t hold back when telling right-leaning jokes, even in progressive hamlets like Hollywood.

Funny is funny, and his career is proof of just that.

Yenser shares his early days in comedy, how he won over a dyed in the wool liberal and much more in the latest HiT ‘cast.

Listen to “HiT ‘cast 145: Adam Yenser Makes Liberal Crowds Laugh Harder” on Spreaker.

Please visit to find out about his latest stand-up dates and other information. You can follow him on Twitter @CleanComedian69.

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