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Adam Carolla: Hillary Win Will Spark Sexism Protests

For the past seven years, criticism leveled against President Barack Obama, particularly from the GOP, has been met by a unified chorus of “racism.” Liberals trotted out “code words” and other piffle to protect the Commander in Chief against the kind of accusations most presidents endure.

That race card play paved the way, in part, for the current college protests roiling the nation.

Now, with Hillary Clinton all but a lock to become the Democrat’s presidential nominee in 2016, Carolla sees a similar mechanism whirring to life.

Adam Carolla says cries of sexism will dominate college campuses should Hillary Clinton become president.

“We will realize that those who are the race baiters or the sexist baiters are going to have to triple down there efforts now that we have someone with a vagina theoretically leading the free world,” Carolla said during the Nov. 15 episode of “The Adam and Dr. Drew Show.”

“Here will be the shift, everybody … you will watch the nice transition on our nation’s campuses go from the systemic racism to the systemic sexism. That will then become the theme. We can then enjoy … a nice four-year block of that.”

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Co-host Dr. Drew Pinsky later weighed in on Clinton’s medical status during the podcast episode, something he suggested the media is loathe to explore.

“She had a stroke. … she really has some dangerous medical problems,” Dr. Pinsky said.

“Good luck to any dude who goes after … a woman’s health,” Carolla replied.

photo credit: Hillary Clinton via photopin (license)


      1. Are you too stupid to realize the “relationship” between Huma and Hillary isn’t all in the boardroom?

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