Adam Carolla Calls Hillary Clinton a ‘Sociopath’

The podcaster breaks with his peers, dares to mock the Left's presidential hopeful

Adam Carolla isn’t like most comedians.

The erstwhile “Loveline” host started his own alcohol line, trumpets limited government and loves nothing more than swinging a hammer in his spare time.

Now, he’s speaking of presumptive presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in tones you won’t hear on “The Daily Show” or “Saturday Night Live.”

Carolla was asked earlier this week by a reporter from the San Antonio Current about Hillary Clinton’s presidential chances in 2016.

I know you’re a conservative, but don’t you think a Hillary Clinton White House is inevitable?

The reporter’s bias leaps off the computer screen, but let’s focus on Carolla’s answer.

Well, what she has going for her—and I don’t think people should discount this element —is that we’re in a place where we like to feel good about ourselves and being a part of change ,,, So, we’re just coming off electing the first African American president. Everyone thinks that was awesome. Now, we’re getting into the same thing with Hillary and saying, “Hey, the first woman! We’re on a roll here!” I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton. She is a sociopath. I think Bill Clinton is a sociopath, too, and a sexual predator.

Hard to imagine any other comic speaking so bluntly, and negatively, about the former First Lady and Secretary of State.

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