‘Wrath of Becky’ Piles on Progressive Talking Points

Unlikely sequel boasts killer lead performance but too few thrills, laughs

There’s never a second in “The Wrath of Becky” when our anti-heroine appears to be in danger.

That’s a problem for a B-movie, especially one brimming with blood and carnage. The unlikely sequel to 2020’s “Becky” gives star Lulu Wilson another chance to show she can command the screen and a former “American Pie” star to show the power of restraint.

Otherwise, this violent romp takes too long to heat up and cools down in near-record time. One other nagging flaw?

It’s clear the creative team behind the budding franchise watched every second of the Democrat’s fraudulent Jan. 6 hearings.

The Wrath of Becky - Exclusive Official Teaser Trailer (2023) Lulu Wilson, Seann William Scott

It’s been two years since young Becky (Wilson) defeated a group of neo Nazis who killed her father and nearly offed her. Now, she’s living with a kindly black woman after fleeing a Christian foster family whose crime was being too dern Christian.

The horror, the horror.

Becky works as a server where she dreams of slaughtering diners who call her “sweetheart.”

A trio of Insurrectiony-types enter the diner and quickly draw her ire. She returns fire, and later that night they break into her home. Turns out they’re part of a larger White Nationalist movement that fit every cliché a Hollywood screenwriter can squeeze into a 90-minute movie.

The baddies even name-check … Parler.

The villains are of the cookie-cutter variety, except for the cell’s ringleader. Yes, that’s Stifler of “American Pie” fame, and thank goodness for his surprising gravitas.

Seann William Scott plays the supervillain as cool, reasonable and decidedly vicious. That gives “Wrath” a sense of menace it can’t fully tap. It’s hardly enough against the title character.

Wilson’s Becky may be 16 or so, but she’s so skilled in warfare that these thugs don’t stand a chance.


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The mini-franchise loves to see Wilson’s innocent face coated in blood, and that’s exactly what the film delivers. It just takes forever to get there, and only one kill is worth our trouble.

Along the way, we’re told the white nationalism cell, so inept they couldn’t pull off a Quickie-Mart robbery, extends across the country and throughout the halls of Congress.

You just know there’s a “Wrath of Becky” draft with the names Boebert, Gaetz and Greene scribbled on the margins.

“Wrath” plays out like the screenwriters binge-watched MSNBC fear porn for a good three weeks straight, and then listened to our desiccated Commander in Chief pretend white nationalism has us hunkered at home in fear for our lives.

THE WRATH OF BECKY - Exclusive Clip "Your Friend On The Dock Could Use a Hand"

Put the overt partisanship aside. “Becky” isn’t as vivid as the first installment, even if young Wilson is more confident this time ‘round.

B-movies can wallow in all the clumsy messaging they want, but you need to have a jacked-up story to make it go down smoothly.

“The Wrath of Becky” tasted like the Nutribullet blender’s engine broke mid-way through.

HiT or Miss: “The Wrath of Becky” boasts a plucky lead turn, but it’s still not savage enough to hit that sweet B-movie spot.


  1. Yeah this movie was ridiculous. I’m a patriot myself and all of my friends and family are patriots as well, and the stereotypes in here literally seemed like they were directly out of liberal talking points 101. For example, every patriot I know supports law enforcement. While the left was screaming defund the police, we were flying flags with “thin blue lines”. Yet here in this movie they show these guys reaching for a pistol as an officer turns on the lights on the vehicle behind his truck. The only people I’ve ever met who hate the police are liberals.

    Next, the racist undertones coming from the guys presented as “patriots” in here is hilarious. I live in Texas and I can’t tell you how many black people I’ve met who moved here from Chicago or California and were told before they moved that everyone in the south was racist. Then they got here, and they tell me they are shocked how polite conservatives are to them.

    Now here where things get real interesting. When they talk to friends or family back in California or Chicago and tell them actually how people are nicer down here than back home, guess what happens? You guessed it… they get called a “boot licker”, “uncle Tom”, “house n!@#&r”, and “race traitor”. So the people who claim to be “oh so tolerant”, are the nastiest people to their own friends and family as soon as they don’t share their beliefs any longer.

    The good news is, it shows these people one person at a time, exactly who the party of hate and lack of tolerance truly is. Conservatives don’t even have to do anything. These people expose themselves. Just like this movie. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature can see this movie for what it is. Only ANTIFA wannabes who live in their moms basements and go around virtue signaling constantly would buy into this movie.

    1. The problem is a little more nuanced than that when the police are supporting the conservative position then it is all Blue life Matter, but when the police are doing things that are supportive of the liberal position then it was all fuck the police. This is the problem with generalities. Peoples positions change depending on the circumstances. This is why it is better not to be a liberal or conservative it is just way too much of a hassle having to try to appease the side you arbitrarily choose just because of what the other side said. Both sides being so easily manipulated like they are puppets on a string of the government

  2. Anyone who says being a movie critic is easy work should have to sit through movie after movie after movie like this one, then turn around and talk about how easy it is to be a movie critic.
    You’ve earned your pay, Mr. Toto.

    1. If I had to watch a movie like this multiple times then being a movie critic is pretty easy, now trying to right a 2 page essay for every movie I say that would be difficult.
      Now you want movies difficult to get through look at the Black Demon, Night of the Hunted, the Unseen, Pet Sematary, Piglady, Heir of the Witch, Fear, All Fun and Games

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