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Woke Mob Shuts Down Anti-Trans Doc – Where’s the Outrage?

Far-Left protesters prevent 'Damaged' from screening at University of Utah

Another day, another college stopping free speech in its tracks.

Young Americans for Freedom planned to screen the Daily Caller documentary “Damaged: The Transing Of America’s Kids” at the University of Utah earlier this week.

The film features several young adults who were transitioned from their biological sex earlier in life and regret the decision.

“Gender-Affirming Care” is one of the most contentious topics in today’s society. Proponents insist it allows trans youth to embrace their true selves. Critics slam the surgeries, saying children are too young to agree to life-altering measures, which can include sterilization and chronic medical woes.

College should be the perfect place to explore such a challenging subject. Instead, far-Left activists routinely attempt to shut those conversations down.

And they often succeed.

The Nov. 1 event went as planned until the film began to play. Then, protesters who strategized their efforts on social media in the days leading up to the screening rose up.

“Hey, hey, go home, transphobia has got to go…”

Local police were called to the scene. No arrests were made, but the folks behind the event had to be escorted out of the building, according to The Daily Caller.

“This is unfortunate for the safety of our members,” Everett Lopez, vice chairman at the YAF campus chapter, told the Caller. “You know, we just had to postpone the event and cancel it, but it was just, it just got too rowdy.”

The story is nowhere to be seen at The Daily Wire, The Federalist, Breitbart News, The Blaze or other high-profile conservative sites. Suffice it to say left-leaning outlets like Deadline,, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter won’t touch the story.

That’s partly because mainstream news organizations no longer fully support free speech.


Most news sites downplayed or ignored key elements of The Twitter Files, which exposed how the social media giant severely restricted speech and kept right-leaning views to a minimum. 

Journalists didn’t share the public’s outrage over the offenses. Instead, they train their fire on the new Twitter boss, Elon Musk, who for all his flaws is more respectful of free speech and regularly condemns those who suppress it.

Earlier this year, another college campus refused to allow Candace Owens’ documentary, “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold,” from screening. 

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold | OFFICIAL TRAILER

Once again, far-Left protesters who didn’t want a film critical of Black Lives Matter to be shown on campus successfully squelched the screening.

Hollywood in Toto was one of the few media outlets to pursue the story. The school in question, Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), “sanctioned” three students behind the shutdown but would not reveal what that entailed.

The silence on the rise of censorship isn’t limited to the news media or academia.

No Hollywood celebrity will speak out on behalf of “Damaged” or “The Greatest Lie” being canceled. The stars are similarly silent on the crush of censorship blanketing western civilization in 2023.

Some may not hear about cases like this, in their defense. If the media doesn’t cover these stories they’ll never learn about them.

Others may know about the cancellations but prefer to stay silent. The films hail from conservative news sites and question progressive narratives. Defending their right to be heard could put their next gigs at risk in far-Left Hollywood.

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  1. That’s the big difference between the right and left. The right will just not attend or, at the most, have a peaceful demonstration. The left will coordinate attacks on social media & physically block & assault at the event. Screaming, chanting, pushing, etc.

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