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Woke Mob Cancels Edinburgh Festival Fringe Comedy Event

Andrew Doyle (AKA Titania McGrath) shares troubling news on Elon Musk's X

Andrew Doyle wrote the book on Cancel Culture, comedy and the war on free speech. Several, actually.

Now, he’s living out the latest chapter.

Doyle, a gay British comic known to many by his X alter ego, Titania McGrath, uses his Comedy Unleashed banter to bring edgy satire to the masses.

He explained why his latest event got the heave ho.

Our Comedy Unleashed gig at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has been CANCELLED by our venue following online pressure.

It is astonishing that a comedy night at the largest arts festival in the world should be prevented from going ahead, simply because activists are offended.

The comedy industry is in a dire state. It’s about time that promoters, venues, comedy critics and comedians made a concerted effort to support free expression in the arts.

Leith Arches, the 200-capacity club where the event was scheduled, announced its decision with plenty of ALL CAPS statements.

“We DO NOT support this comedian or his views and he WILL NOT be allowed to perform at our venue… We are an inclusive venue and will not allow such views to violate our space.”

That message doesn’t specifically share what Doyle, or any other comic slated to appear at the venue in question, said that was so monstrous the show couldn’t go on as scheduled. The scheduled comics included host Bruce Devlin, Mary Bourke, Dominic Frisby, Graham Linehan and Alistair Williams.

Lineham, famous for his “Father Ted” series, is considered “transphobic” in select circles but he defended his position on trans matters to The New York Post.

Linehan claimed he has trans friends and is “only talking about places where conflict arises.”

“My point has never changed. It’s about women in prison, women in rape crisis centers, women in changing rooms. It’s about children. It’s about homophobia.

“It’s about an incredible new form of sexism that I think is the worst ever,” he said.

The festival’s web site boasts it’s “one of the greatest celebrations of arts and culture on the planet” and that “anyone can take part in the Fringe.”

The latter sentiment should come with a large asterisk.

Doyle has played at past Edinburgh Festival Fringe events, dating back to at least 2012. That year’s appearance caused a kerfuffle, including drunk hecklers who interrupted his performance. [Warning: Adult language]

Andrew Doyle vs drunk hecklers at the Edinburgh Fringe


  1. Conservatives have a bad habit of APPROVING OF DEGENERATES who spout a party line or two. “Log Cabin Republicans’ a group of SODOMITES which never should have gained entry in the party is exhibit A.

  2. The UK embarrassing itself yet again. Inclusive means including EVERYONE not just those who are spineless and cowardly but then I wouldn’t expect these fascist bullies to know basic English.

  3. “We are an inclusive venue and will not allow such views to violate our space.”

    Such comedy. They make no sense with this statement.

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