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Is Paramount Feuding with William Shatner?

'Star Trek' marketing campaign snubs Captain Kirk, ageless star isn't surprised

“Star Trek” is giving the James Bond franchise a run for its money.

The saga began in 1966 while the first 007 feature, “Dr. No,” bowed four years earlier.

Gene Roddenberry’s intergalactic vision took a knee following the original show’s three-year run. Once the series hit the big screen in 1979 the saga has lived long and, for the most part, prospered.


Credit Roddenberry for creating an indelible space franchise, a tale that allowed a galaxy of talented stars to bring it to life: 

  • Leonard Nimoy
  • Patrick Stewart
  • DeForest Kelley
  • Brent Spiner
  • Chris Pine
  • Levar Burton
  • Kate Mulgrew

None have had the impact, and longevity, of Captain James T. Kirk, immortalized by William Shatner.

Yet the 91-year-old star just got snubbed in Paramount Plus’s latest “Trek” marketing campaign, and Shatner himself isn’t shocked by the decision. The image in question features iconic “Trek” figures above the teaser text – “Star Trek: An Entire Universe to Explore.”

The visual features 11 “Trek” heroes, including Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Stewart), Spock (Nimoy), Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), Captain Sisko (Avery Brooks) and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan).

Who’s missing? The actor who anchored the franchise and remains its heart and soul … William Shatner. The actor suggests the omission wasn’t accidental in a cryptic response to a Twitter fan’s outrage over his snub.

Chris Gore, founder of Film Threat and host of the “Film Threat” podcast, thinks the snub is no accident.

“The exclusion of James T. Kirk in modern ‘Star Trek’ marketing is yet another example of efforts to diminish Shatner’s contribution and to emasculate strong male characters on television and at the movies,” Gore says. “There would be no ‘Star Trek’ without Kirk. Wiliam Shatner created an iconic character whose passion for exploring strange new worlds spawned a generation of fans.”

Gore adds that “Star Trek’s” legacy includes inspiring generations of Americans to “pursue working in fields including technology, science and NASA.”

Shatner didn’t share much more about the marketing snub on Twitter, other than the fact that he seemed to expect it.

The veteran star is no stranger to feuds, though.

He and “Star Trek” co-star George Takei have been publicly fighting for decades, although it’s mostly been the man known to millions as Sulu who starts each dustup.


  1. At this point in current American history that should really not be necessary, as the term has been well discussed in the Media for nearly a decade now. “Woke” is a term invented by university Leftists to describe their own social and political perspectives on every aspect of American society. To know more about it, look up the sources of those who created the term: left-wing university academics. They know more about it than anyone. It is their term.

    1. @Mike

      Actually, decades ago, African Americans first coined the term woke, which simply meant to be vigilant and not blindly swallow any idea. White Leftists hijacked the term and refined it as being synonymous with Leftist ideology.

      White conservatives then embraced the Leftist redefinition of woke instead of doing in-depth research into the word’s origins. This was not wise.

      Maj Toure did a great video on the subject:

      1. So why did you ask me to define a term that you already well understood? I first became aware of the term myself only after it had come to define Leftist ideology, as asserted by both white and black Leftist academics, at the universities. Their definition of the term is the one widely understood today, regardless of its earlier origins. They created a entirely new meaning for it. The meanings of words can evolve, and the current meaning of any word or term becomes the valid one. For example, for centuries the word “gay” simply meant “happy”; it did not solely refer to homosexuals. Based upon your comment, it can be argued that homosexual activists hijacked the term gay; but I would disagree. Words, in fact entire languages, evolve. Many conservative historians know the origin of the term woke; but it was still not unwise for Conservatives to take woke at its new meaning, since they were facing the actions of the Leftists who had redefined it. With the current titanic political struggle in which Americans are engaged, of what real use would it be to focus on the decades-old origins of the term? It is actually wiser, and far more important, to understand the term as your political opponents define it and use it today; because the actions that they are taking are being done under its banner.

      2. @Mike

        I asked because most conservatives toss around the word woke without knowing what it is,

        One more thing. Why do conservatives go along with Leftists redefining words? Should conservatives start calling Bruce Jenner in a dress a woman because the Left says so?

      3. Conservatives do not simply toss the term around, they focus it back on those who initiated its current use. Conservatives use the word woke today to aptly label, and oppose, the far-left policies being pushed on our society by Leftists. In doing this, they are simply using the term that the Leftists THEMSELVES use. How more accurate can that be? Several years ago, both white and black Leftist academics declared that they were going to advocate policies which they called woke. It took a few years, but Conservatives finally began to stand up and actively oppose those policies. To be clear which policies they disagreed with and would oppose, they used the term that the left-wing advocates of those policies were ALREADY using. Neither side was focused on the origins of this grammatically awkward term; both sides were applying it to today’s political and social dynamics. First the Leftists, then the Conservatives in response. Words, and especially political terms, evolve. As I pointed out, gay has left behind ITS original meaning of happy, and become the name applied to a homosexual, a change which was enthusiastically endorsed by homosexuals, and may in fact been initiated by them. In the main, American society has accepted this new meaning for the word gay. Accepting this new definition for the word was not difficult, since it does not deny reality. Accepting Bruce Jenner as a woman DOES deny reality, biological reality. Jenner may assert that he is a female, but his X/Y chromosome duo calls foul on such an assertion. So, no, Conservatives should not go along with the Leftists and call Bruce Jenner a woman. I am not one of those who enjoys playing verbal ping-pong: endlessly knocking a topic back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth, ad infinitum. So I will agree to disagree at this point, and just leave it alone.

      4. Trust me , Conservatives didn’t embrace “woke” , where ever its origin. But they are definitely gonna soon put that ideology to bed.

    1. Funny isn’t it how STD is also a medical condition frequently suffered by the same politico/economic fantasy mind-set.

  2. I personally surprised they only included Spock (who was more popular than Kirk) and Uhura (one of two of Roddenberry’s delights (the other being Nurse Chapel/TNG Computer/Roxanna Troi), per rumor), and snubbed Sulu/Takei, who should be the ‘ideal’ wokester from the original cast… an oppressed gay man who Roddenberry wouldn’t out in TOS script, who’s been an outspoken critic of Kirk and all things not woke, who’s an unrepentant, crass, sexually harassing online bully… But maybe it’s because Takei’s background includes an horrible example of logical conclusion of Marxist/progressive identity/class politics because he and his family were forced into internment camps by the progressive FDR administration during WWII.

    Shatner has always been petty and egotistical, but, despite that, except for occasionally bad decisions, I’ve liked him and his character, Kirk (no matter how badly acted… He seemed much better in the original Twilight Zone episodes). I always meant to try reading his ghost-written TekWars books and tried watching the series, but had trouble getting past the poor early CGI special effects… but, someday, I may try again (after all, I made it through most of the early Doctor Who).

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