Will Press Ask Michael Moore About His Fake News Stories?

The most famous documentary director of the modern age just admitted he plants false stories in the press about his wealth.

Now, is that worth a follow-up question or two?

We’ll see. The fact that the person in question is Michael Moore matters.

Moore made that confession during an appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival when pressed about his wealth by a foreign journalist. Capitalism’s preeminent critic lives very large, something revealed during his recent divorce proceedings.

He owns nine homes, for starters, including property in New York City.

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Hypocrisy is a journalism magnet. The politician who espouses family values but spends weekends with a mistress, for example, will get peppered with questions about said values. So a director known for supporting Occupy Wall Street and bemoaning the 1 percent who apes their lifestyle is fair game.

Moore told the reporter that he and his pals plant fake stories in the media about his so-called wealth.

That Moore thinks he could defuse the issue with such an answer is revealing. Chances are he won’t be asked much more about the matter stateside even though his answer borders on the absurd. Court documents gleaned by the press revealed his finances, not any faux news item. A documentary filmmaker’s stock and trade should be the truth.

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Now it’s the U.S. media’s turn. Will reporters pursue this angle the next time Moore graces a camera or press roundup?

DID YOU KNOW: Michael Moore’s 2004 film “Fahrenheit 9/11” is the biggest documentary film of all time, earning nearly $120 at the U.S. box office.

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