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Why Taylor Swift’s Political Awakening Rings False

Taylor Swift finally got the message.

The pop superstar stayed out of the political fray for what seems like eons in pop culture time. No woke PSAs. No concerts dripping with campaign propaganda. She didn’t even officially join The ResistanceTM against President Donald Trump.

She just … sang.Whatfinger News

And that drew the ire of more than a few reporters. Why won’t Swift speak out against President Trump, they cried in near unison?

Because, as we all know, creating news out of one’s personal biases is precisely why trust in media continues to crater.

Story after story demanded Swift get political. We needed her voice now … more … than … ever, they cried. Those reporters assumed Swift would align with progressives, weaponizing her massive social media flock in the process.

Either the media bullying worked or reporters’ collective hunch proved accurate..

Last year, Swift threw her celebrity clout behind Dem. Phil Bredesen in the Tennessee Senate race. Her candidate suffered a drubbing at the ballot box.

Trump: I like Taylor Swift's music about 25% less now

Swift insists that was just a warm up. She’s turned 30 and now understands the world so much better than when she was 28 and a half. That means she’s suddenly open to using her platform to push a political agenda. Here’s part of her birthday essay, courtesy of Elle Magazine.

“I took a lot of time educating myself on the political system and the branches of government that are signing off on bills that affect our day-to-day life. I saw so many issues that put our most vulnerable citizens at risk, and felt like I had to speak up to try and help make a change.

No specifics, of course. She continued…

“Invoking racism and provoking fear through thinly veiled messaging is not what I want from our leaders, and I realized that it actually is my responsibility to use my influence against that disgusting rhetoric. I’m going to do more to help. We have a big race coming up next year.

She’s right about that last part. Next, she apologizes for not speaking out sooner.

“In the past I’ve been reluctant to publicly voice my political opinions, but due to several events in my life and in the world in the past two years, I feel very differently about that now. I always have and always will cast my vote based on which candidate will protect and fight for the human rights I believe we all deserve in this country. I believe in the fight for LGBTQ rights, and that any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender is WRONG,” she said. “I believe that the systemic racism we still see in this country towards people of color is terrifying, sickening and prevalent.”

Sounds like a Bernie Sanders stump speech.

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Of course, she doesn’t really mean all of that. If she did, she’s be up in arms given the recent antics of the Left. Consider:

  • Rep. Ilhan Omar, a one-woman anti-Semitism machine, granted the full support of her party.
  • The Democrats embrace of abortion up until birth … and even after, assuming the mama doesn’t want that pesky baby after all and it’s kept temporarily “comfortable.”
  • The Democrats’ unhinged attack on President Trump, with repeated references to Nazi Germany.
  • The Va. Governor’s blackface scandal topped by the state’s Lt. Governor’s sex assault scandal.
  • Liberals attacking anyone wearing a MAGA hat, chasing Republicans out of restaurants and making sure free speech is infringed upon across colleges nationwide.
  • Celebrities and journalists alike publicly trashing innocent high school students for daring to wear MAGA hats in public.
  • Progressives using children as pawns to get their messages across.
  • And then there’s the Green New Deal, a proposal which could crippled the U.S. economy, in the best-case scenario. How many Swift fans would find themselves destitute by that fairy dust legislation?

Where’s Swift’s outrage on any and all of the above? We can’t hear it yet. Nor likely will we.

Here’s more on Swift’s political awakening:

“It’s my opinion that in cases of sexual assault, I believe the victim. Coming forward is an agonizing thing to go through. I know because my sexual assault trial was a demoralizing, awful experience. I believe victims because I know firsthand about the shame and stigma that comes with raising your hand and saying “This happened to me.”

A wise person would take each incident on a case-by-case basis. Instead, she’s following the #MeToo mantra, ignoring high-profile frauds like the women who accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting them, only to backtrack once the spotlight faded.

Does Swift believe them?

What about the two women who say Virginia’s  Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax assaulted them?

Second woman accuses Justin Fairfax of sexual assault

Again … silence.

What’s more apparent is that her outrage over hate, discrimination and other cultural wrongs likely flows in one direction. If that weren’t the case, she’s be piping up right now, not waiting for the 2020 election campaign to start.

She’s finally ready to speak out, remember?

The irony of Swift’s meandering essay? This final snippet:

For too long, the projected opinions of strangers affected how I viewed my relationships. Whether it was the general internet consensus of who would be right for me, or what they thought was “couples goals” based on a picture I posted on Instagram.

Wonderful. Except nearly every part of her “I’m turning 30, yo!” mantra sounds like it was regurgitated from a Vox “explainer” article.

Or, to be precise, “the projected opinions of strangers.”

Maybe Swift has seen the light and got herself up to speed on key issues. One wonders if she reads more than the New York Times and as part of that awakening. If not, she’s missing plenty.

If she’s disinterested in getting the full picture, maybe this 30 year old has a lot more growing up to do.

Photo by GabboT on / CC BY-SA

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