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Trump Recommends Searing ‘Screams Before Silence’ Doc

Presidential hopeful supports film ignored by critics, pro-Palestinian protesters

President Ronald Reagan knew pop culture better than his Republican predecessors. He lived it.

The veteran actor worked within Hollywood for decades before ditching sound stages for stump speeches.

President Donald Trump has a similar advantage.

Flashback: Watch Trump ‘Fire’ Blagojevich on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ | NBC Chicago

He embraced pop culture early and often in his real estate heyday. He worked the talk show circuit and appeared in TV shows and films (“Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” “The Little Rascals”) before striking it big with NBC’s “The Apprentice.”

Not every Republican politician can say the same. And it often shows. Sen. Ted Cruz is an exception to that rule.

Now, Trump is throwing his weight behind a powerful new documentary ignored by almost every film critic in the country.

Screams Before Silence,” available for free on its web site and YouTube, lets the survivors of the Oct. 7 attacks share their stories. It’s a gut-wrenching experience that eschews graphic imagery for raw testimonials. 

Screams Before Silence Trailer

Not only did critics reflexively ignore the film, Hollywood in general has pretended it doesn’t exist. No starry testimonials demanding audiences give it a look. No pleas from feminist starlets pleading with audiences to learn what happened on that tragic day.

The Documentary, “Screams before Silence,” is incredibly difficult to watch because, sadly, it graphicly portrays the Death and Destruction that Hamas has unleashed. I urge people to support the Documentary and watch, if able. We demand that all Hostages taken October 7th from Israel, and being held in Gaza, be released immediately, including eight Americans, and Citizens from over twenty other Countries, so that the war can come to an end.

This isn’t a typical film recommendation.

The movie’s content belies the pro-Palestinian protesters wreaking havoc across the country. Some of those protesters, like Susan Sarandon, deny Hamas raped countless women during the terrorist strike.

Others insisted just days after Oct. 7 that Israel stand down rather than retaliate for the most savage attack in modern memory.

There’s more.

The film has the power to change people’s minds about the ongoing Israel/Hamas war. Even those alarmed at the civilian casualties mounting in Gaza might change their mind after watching “Screams.”

Trump may see a political advantage in promoting “Screams Before Silence.” True? False? Either way, it’s the right thing to do.


  1. Israel needs to release the entire 47 minute film clip it has of the attack of October 7 that was put together through the GoPro cameras that the terrorists wore. It is a nightmare!

    1. No. You can’t unsee that kind of atrocity. Think of how we are already desensitized from pretend murder and horror. We need to starve the world of these images instead of feeding it. Instead our elected representatives need to become resolute in starving this evil of the sick fascination and attention it desires.

  2. Yes, we need to support this film. So many people are on the wrong side of history on this. This is the truth that the world is ignoring.

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