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Trevor Noah: ‘I Kind of Feel Bad for [Jussie Smollett]’

The 'Daily Show' host finds sympathy for the star behind a massive fraud

The long arm of the law finally snagged “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett.

Last year, Smollett told Chicago police a pair of President Donald Trump supporters assaulted him, shouting anti-gay and black epithets while dousing him with bleach. The MAGA thugs threw a noose around the actor’s neck for good measure.

All of this took place on the coldest possible night in the Windy City.

"Empire" actor Jussie Smollett attacked in possible hate crime

The claim didn’t pass any sort of smell test, but it took time before the entire story collapsed. He initially faced a barrage of indictments before prosecutors dropped the charges to the confusion of many.

Justice briefly took a knee, but now Smollett now faces a six-charge indictment stemming from his initial claims.

The news got modest media coverage from the left-leaning press, much like the earlier wave of indictments.


The Smollett debacle doesn’t fit the Left’s preferred narratives.

“The Daily Show’s” Trevor Noah mentioned it earlier this week, but he seemed almost sad to see Smollett finally pay a price for his actions.

Jussie Smollett Indicted & The DOJ Meddles in Roger Stone’s Case | The Daily Show

Noah called Smollett the “black Pinocchio” to start the update, but later betrayed a bit of sadness that the star might actually pay for his crimes.

“I know what Jussie did was wrong, but I won’t lie, at the same time I kind of feel bad for him. Because he gets into trouble now for calling in fake crimes, but those Permit Patties who make bull**** calls to 911 they live their lives. They just do their thing,” Noah cracked.

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The screen showed three white women who had panicked and called 911 over black neighbors’ actions that weren’t criminal in nature.

Where to begin …Whatfinger News

Smollett didn’t just stage a hate crime. He made sure Chicago police officers spent day after day, week after week, investigating his hoax. Those cops have plenty of real crimes to handle. Do we need mention the staggering amount of murders in Chicago on any given weekend?

Instead of protecting innocents and tracking down killers, Chicago cops had to handle a racially-sensitive case.

Now, imagine your family members were touched by a Chicago-based crime but didn’t get immediate attention because the cops were busy on a high profile… fraud. That’s not even tallying the money lost investigating said hoax.

Even more nauseating? How Smollett’s accusation, combined with a media eager to convict Trump voters sans evidence, unfairly tarnished that group.

Still feel badly for Smollett?

Those “Permit Patties” acted in bad faith and briefly tied up a 911 operator’s time. To compare those gross acts with Smollett’s premeditated hoax, allegedly staged to boost his already fat bank account, is absurd.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, one of those “Permit Patties” featured on “The Daily Show” had to resign her CEO position as a result of her phone call. The woman, Alison Ettel, also profusely apologized for her actions.

Smollett still insists, despite an avalanche of evidence to the contrary, he’s telling the truth about the “assault.”


  1. Trevor Noah is simply a symptom of a larger problem. That problem, of course, is this ridiculous belief that to be on the left automatically grants one intellectual authority over the masses. This belief is taken to such extremes in Hollywood, that you get a foreign high school dropout lecturing US citizens (who did graduate) how to run our country.

  2. Is Noah Trevor brain dead? The comparison is not even close to the same. Calling the police on somebody selling water is not trying to foment hate against a group of people. Smollett should be tried for a hate crime. Like most narcissist, Trevor is a cruel and evil person. Our society teaches Blacks to think this way.

  3. White on Black is so low they have to invent it. Yes, some exists but blacks on average are FAR safer in predominately white neighborhoods than they are in predominately black neighborhoods and most blacks know this but lack the courage to say it. BTW Noah is not funny and I don’t know why he’s still on the air.

  4. You’ve completely missed the point. Those Peppermint Patties are evidence of a larger problem. Jessie Smollett did a bad thing and should be punished, but the world isn’t full of Jessie Smolletts’ doing this everyday, but there sure are a hell of a lot of Peppermint Patties harassing poor innocent people. While they receive public shame and perhaps lose their jobs due to societal pressure, they certainly aren’t getting arrested for wasting the polices time and reporting fake crimes. Your white knee jerk defense has completely missed the point in the comparisons in how things are handled.

    1. Let me know when women who falsely accuse men of r-a-p-e are sentenced to the same prison time a man would have been sentenced to had he been convicted of that falsely-accused crime. I’ll wait.

    2. Perfectly natural to be suspicious of Black men. You are a mean and cruel person. You’re proving the point that Conservative White people are much more compassionate and tolerant. Smollett should be in jail for perpetrating a hate crime. He tried to foment hate against a group of people. Much worse than most hate crimes. Woman who call the police against Black men are just trying to protect themselves. Anybody who would wish those type of people harm is evil and should not live in our society.

  5. jessie’s face gives donny a lxmp dxk now….whereas in the past. Really, tie thes guys up together and douse them with mazzola oil and let them squirm around.

  6. Trevor, your beloved South Africa needs you! Contrary to popular belief, your homeland — you know, the nation where you’re a citizen — still has a few problems and needs your help. We deeply appreciate your advice on how to improve America. You’ve done all you can for us and it would be selfish to keep you here any longer. Farewell, comrade, and good luck as you criticize South Africa’s leadership with the same fearlessness you’ve shown here.

  7. Ah yes, the left’s favorite game to play: Six Degrees of White People Are Horrible. A black gay celebrity lied, how do we connect this to whitey? We can’t talk about it on our show without making about whitey, dammit!

  8. At least they finally found two jobs Americans wouldn’t do. The Nigerians should be their heroes.

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