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Is Hollywood Gunning for Tom Cruise?

Second awards show skewers 'Maverick' superstar ... will Oscars be next?

Not everyone in Hollywood is on the same page as Steven Spielberg.

The directorial legend recently praised Tom Cruise for his 2022 blockbuster, “Top Gun: Maverick”

Spielberg was caught on video telling his “Minority Report” star how much that sequel meant to the industry following a pandemic that shuttered theaters nationwide.

“You saved Hollywood’s a–, and you might have saved theatrical distribution,” Spielberg is heard saying in the video. “Seriously, ’Maverick’ might have saved the entire theatrical industry.”

The industry has a funny way of showing its gratitude to the 60-year-old superstar.

The Golden Globes inexplicably skewered Cruise during its opening monologue. The Jan. 10 soiree found host Jerrod Carmichael mocking the actor for his Scientology ties. Cruise has been a Scientologist for decades but hasn’t spoken on the subject for many years.

“Backstage I found the awards that Tom Cruise returned,” Carmichael said, recalling how the actor turned in his previous Globe statuettes to protest the group’s lack of diversity.

“I think, maybe, we take these three things and exchange them for the safe return of Shelly Miscavige.” That line drew audible gasps from the crowd as it referenced the wife of the leader of Scientology, David Miscavige. Shelly Miscavige was last seen publicly in 2007, and many have speculated as to her whereabouts.

Allegations of a woman’s disappearance matters, of course, but bringing it up during an awards show seemed odd. The Church of Scientology shared this information from the Los Angeles Police Department regarding her whereabouts.

Still, it was one gag targeting a rich and famous star, and there’s nothing wrong with that, on paper.

Enter Judd Apatow.

The far-Left director recently signed a letter bullying The New York Times into ignoring critics of the trans community.

The man behind “Knocked Up” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” once worked as a stand-up comedian, and he returned to those roots while emceeing the Directors Guild of America Awards Saturday night.

Apatow didn’t just name check the “Mission: Impossible” star in his monologue. He attacked him with a series of pointed, and personal, jokes.

The host mocked Cruise’s height, or lack thereof.

“The special effects in ‘Maverick’ were so top notch, I couldn’t even see the stack of phone books Tom Cruise sat on to reach the flight controls.”

Next? He brought up Cruise’s infamous couch-jumping episode with Oprah Winfrey 18 years ago.

“Remember when Tom Cruise jumped up and down on the couch and we all thought, ‘What a lunatic!’ … And now he rides a motorcycle off a cliff and BASE jumps and we’re all like, ‘Tom’s fine!’”

“Tom is not fine. Someone needs to explain to him something called CGI. You’re 60. Calm down.”

Apatow’s next line took the skewering to a new level.

“But every time he does one of these new stunts, it does feel like an ad for Scientology. I mean, is that in Dianetics? Because there’s nothing about jumping off a cliff in the Torah.”

Apatow’s monologue took a cruel turn next.

“The only thing he seems to be afraid of is co-parenting and antidepressants … I doubled my Prozac today just for this. I doubled it! Do you think if Tom Cruise took antidepressants, he’d be like, ‘I’m not jumping out of a f***ing cliff. I’m rich!’”

None of this is accidental.

The industry should be grateful for Cruise’s handiwork, luring audiences back to theaters with an all-American sequel. Cruise did more than that, though. He personally thanked audiences for supporting his work, the kind of personal touch rarely seen in La La Land these days.

Hollywood should be taking copious notes, not thinking of ways to belittle someone many dub the last movie star.

Perhaps that’s partly what bugs industry insiders about what Cruise accomplished.

“Top Gun: Maverick” is so fervently apolitical it’s … political. No lectures. No woke asides. No nods to America’s sins.

Just pure entertainment, good enough to win an honorary Best Picture nomination. There’s no one on planet Earth who thinks the film will win the night’s biggest trophy come March 12.

Are Apatow and co. jealous of Cruise’s approach and his staying power in a brutal industry like Hollywood?

Comedians are very particular about both their jokes and satirical targets these days. They won’t lay a finger on President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris or spokeswoman Karine Jean Pierre, for example, fearing gags will diminish their political clout.

Targeting Cruise, over and again, is meant to send a message.

More importantly, will Jimmy Kimmel take the cruel baton from Apatow during his third Oscars monologue next month? If so, what does that say about modern Hollywood?

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story has been updated with information from the LAPD regarding Shelly Miscavige.


  1. The fact that Tom Cruise is a Scientologist shouldn’t matter at all! If Tom’s stellar career, and squeaky clean life, are indicative of being a Scientologist, then, I’m all for it. Don’t forget that John Travolta is also a Scientologist, does he get a pass? Leave him alone!

  2. Tom Cruise is great, he does over do it with his religion. But I just dont pay attention to their personal lives. It’s if they put out good material.

  3. If anything they said was actually fully or edgy or anything I’d pause. But a stars height, weight, shoe size, religious affiliation are all their problem and their business. Apathow is hit or miss and a self righteous drunk and the other guy is a nobody. At least Ricky Gervais can be funny, if mean.

    1. Ricky Gervais is not a comedian that I have ever followed or admired for his syle of humor…

      ….until that absolute ROAST he perpetrated at the Oscars. That was brilliant, edgy, and RIGHT ON TARGET.

      I have watched and rewatched it repeatedly on YouTube and will continue to do so as I mourn the loss of real comedy in the face of the woke-bastards crowd.

    2. I agree with you Ken. Tom Cruise has been my hero since the first Top Gun was released in 1986. I get that scientology was the last ditch attempt by Tom Cruise to end his lifelong battle with dyslexia. I will admit that Cruise being a Yankees fan is a much graver transgression than being in scientology. If being a Yankees fan is the worst thing he’s done then he has done excellent in life. In a side note, I’m a Mets fanatic. That being said, he saved Hollywood and for POS’ like Carmichael and Apatow among others to trash Cruise like that shows the insecurities they have in life aka the lack of success their achievements are compared to Tom Cruise

  4. I thought you said he “retuned to stand up comedy”?? I read NOTHING humorous in his remarks and anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a VERY humorous guy! I’ve had many people tell me that I should have been a comedian! Even my Dad said I was funny! I remember when I was just 14, had my learner’s permit (to drive) and asked my Dad for the car keys and five bucks so I could go drive around and take a girl for a burger and shake (that’s the way we talked in the late 60’s). I’ll never forget what he said as he tossed the keys BACK INTO HIS POCKET “you’re funny”!! I did enjoy The 40 Year Old Virgin – very funny movie with a good message, but can’t say I enjoy the guy’s politics or social stances! Nah, Tom Cruise might be “short”, but how would “Judge” fair in a FAIR FIGHT against him?? If I had to entrust my children or life savings with either of the two I know which one would be an overwhelming choice!

  5. Not one of those, including Judd Apatow, can hold a candle to Tom’s accomplishments in the movie industry. Top Gun: Maverick is the best movie I’ve seen since the last M.I. movie, and I’ve seen them all, just not at a movie theater. My oldest son took me to see TG:M at a theater with recliners last summer when I was visiting him in Colorado and it was a great experience. That was my first time in a theater to see a movie since 2013.

  6. And Tom Cruise laughed all the way to the bank where he also dropped a few dollars into Judd Apatow’s cup.

  7. “I think, maybe, we take these three things and exchange them for the safe return of Shelly Miscavige.”

    That line drew audible gasps from the crowd as it referenced the wife of the leader of Scientology, David Miscavige. Shelly Miscavige was last seen publicly in 2007, and many have speculated as to her whereabouts.

    Exactly. And I’m not joking, as Jerrod (apparently) was. He, along with those other nut cases like John Travolta, et al, should be completely ignored. And other things.

    I only hope that people will recognize the hateful things that Scientology has done.

    1. Just because someone belongs to a religion does not put them responsible for anything that goes on with anyone else that also happens to belong. Ever heard of the Catholic priest scandal, I could go on but there are hundreds of religions, everyone can believe in whatever they want and it doesn’t make them guilty be association, get a grip. What you don’t like or understand doesn’t demean anyone else’s beliefs.

    2. I agree about what you have said about scientology. I do not agree with what you have said about John Travolta. He is a good and kind man with many good movies and his dancing is absolutely perfect talent. He has never abandoned a child,denied anyone’s affiliation with a religious choice of their own. He is a wonderful father and husband.

  8. Great actor no doubt, but he fully supports and has profited from a religious cult for decades. Scientology is guilty of child labour, human trafficking and untold abuse, mental, physical and sexual. He’s not the only celeb either… just the most famous one.

    1. Joe, I’m a Scientologist and what u are saying is not correct. Wonder where you got your data? The media perhaps?

    2. Joe I am a Scientologist. If Scientology were indeed guilty of all these things then it would be in trouble with the law. However the opposite is the case because courts look at facts. Media doesn’t. Media just looks for sensational controversies. If you care to know anything about Scientology just read a book or go to the website.

  9. He may be a Scientologist, but he he doesn’t make fun out of peoples’ looks like Apatow. What’s wrong with doing your own stunts? It’s an art form as old as Hollywood, but Apatow has to criticize him for having a pair. Go back to making mediocre movies that no one will remember.

  10. Hollywood doesn’t deserve to be saved, but Tom Cruise can afford to defend himself. I should be upset, but that’s nonsense. Maverick is a good movie, but I barely remember it the day after. I don’t remember the Woke movies either since I don’t watch them. Thus, a win win. Please applause.

    1. Amen! Hollyweird is a joke and when no black is nominated they cry foul. If Cruise doesn’t win an Oscar, then you know the entire movie industry is BS!

  11. OK, Cruise is kinda weird. I can live with that. He isn’t jamming his religion or politics in my face, ad he makes movies I know will be entertaining, fun and free of sucker-punch lectures. Can’t wait for the next Mission Impossible flick. He’s singlehandedly made that frnchise more run and entertaining than the James Bond franchise.
    And I’m sure he can comfort himself from Apatow’s insults with a the boatload of money he’s made, and will continue to make, from Middle-America Deplorables like myself.

    1. Totally agree. Tome Cruise is the only actor I actually “paid” cash to go see his “Maverick”. As I have all of his movies. His are the ONLY ones I have gone to the theatre to see. Hollyweird is cesspool, and he is above them. They hate him because he is so good and honest. I don’t care what his religion is., how quirky his personality is. He entertains me more than any other actor.
      And yes-he is the “last” great movie star.

    1. He’s a complete jerk who wreaks with jealousy and contempt. What has he contributed to anything? Picking on his personal life is something they would totally be crapping their diapers over if tables were turned.

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