‘Tar Sands Messiah’ Targets Hollywood Hypocrites

Tim Moen, a Canadian filmmaker, is going the Indiegogo route to fund his latest project. He’ll star in “Tar Sands Messiah,” a movie based on his own experiences working with both environmentalists as well as stars like Neil Young.

Seems Moen doesn’t like the biased environmental narrative being peddled by Young and his colleagues, and he wants to make a film to correct the record.

His page explains more:

  • This film will be part light-hearted satire and part inspirational documentary. It will document my mission, as an environmentalist from the heart of the oil sands, to turn Los Angeles from its evil polluting ways and bring them the clean technologies of my people. I expect I will learn some lessons along the way that will leave audiences laughing and inspired.
  • This film will give Fort McMurray a chance to tell our story our way, highlight the hypocrisy and condescension of Hollywood that actually contributes to the degradation of environmental standards and human rights, and model a way forward that focuses on solutions and what is alive in the communities of Fort McMurray and Los Angeles.

photo credit: swisscan via photopin cc

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