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Takei: Trump’s Cabinet Full of Bigots, Homophobes

George Takei isn’t going the “meltdown” route regarding President-Elect Donald Trump like his peers.

Some Hollywood denizens are penning furious open letters about the election results. Others are using social media to share their outrage.

One character actor suggested Trump voters should die.

Not the former “Star Trek” star. Sure, his Twitter feed is full of name-calling attacks on Trump and his team. There’s even an emoji he reserved for use by like-minded souls.

Takei also is teaming up with GLAAD to fight back against Trump. His latest salvo included a Dec. 20 fundraising letter with some pretty stiff language aimed at not just the future Commander in Chief.

The actor targeted both Vice President Elect Mike Pence and some of Trump’s cabinet picks.

Takei’s letter said that despite Trump’s positive comments about gay marriage his administration still posed a threat to the LGBTQ community. Just look at his Vice President.

As Governor of Indiana, Pence signed into law one of the most egregiously hateful bills we’ve ever seen, specifically targeting LGBTQ people. And when Pence signed this odious law, he made sure to surround himself with some of the most rabid anti-LGBTQ activists in the country. Many of those same folks are now on the Trump Transition team.

Takei also recalled Pence’s support for “conversion therapy,” which aims to turn gay people straight. Only the facts behind the actor’s arguments hardly hold up to scrutiny.

The “Star Trek” alum was just warming up.

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Next, Takei slammed Jeff Sessions, picked by Trump to be the next Attorney General, as both a “rabid conservative” and a “racist.” In the next sentence, the actor calls Sessions  a “racist,” just to underline the point.

Once again, the facts don’t align with Takei’s nasty rhetoric.

Dr. Ben Carson (the letter removed his medical honorific), slated to head the Housing and Urban Development department, received a similar tongue-lashing. Takei dubbed Carson a “homophobe who has compared marriage equality to bestiality.”

FAST FACT: George Takei once apologized for calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a “clown in blackface.”

Carson did make an inelegant statement regarding gay marriage at the start of his political career. He quickly apologized in no uncertain terms while continuing to oppose gay marriage. That’s the position President Obama held for a good portion of his presidency for what it’s worth.

Takei’s letter ends with an appeal for donations, preferably in Pence’s name to add salt to the partisan wounds.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Foter.com / CC BY-SA


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