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Susan Sarandon’s Ghastly Anti-Cop Tweet, Explained

The far-left actress smears the police when cop killing is spiking nationwide

It’s common practice for stars to delete Tweets that could cause them grief.

It doesn’t always help since social media users can quickly screen cap the image before it vanishes. It’s still one way to lessen the PR blowback, showing some digital remorse for the message in play.

So far, Oscar-winner Susan Sarandon hasn’t bothered to erase her most combustible Tweet to date. At least not yet.

The 70-something star of “Atlantic City,” “The Witches of Eastwick” and “Blackbird” shared the following missive shortly after the public funeral for fallen officer Jason Rivera. The New York detective died Jan. 21 after being shot in the head during a domestic call in Harlem.

Thousands gathered on a cold January day to praise his heroism and mourn his loss. Sarandon saw his death differently.

Two distinct messages jump from the Tweet.

Sarandon, channeling the flailing “Defund the Police” narrative, suggests the Big Apple doesn’t need police officers. It’s a farcical statement, especially given the soaring crime rates in New York and other big cities.

Most of her celebrity peers fled the Defund movement last year as the deadly results of scaling down police departments emerged. Liberal politicians and reporters alike did the same, unable to spin reality any longer.

Not Sarandon, apparently.

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Secondly, the actress suggests the officers mourning a fallen cop are fascist. Why? There’s no context here, but it plays into the far-Left’s blueprint regarding police in the modern era. It’s the ugliest stereotyping possible, and Sarandon not only shared it with her 768K followers but apparently stands by the messaging.

That Tweet is still up. 

Police officers raged against Sarandon’s message, of course.

“This is what privilege looks like: a wealthy actress, safe in her bubble, mocking heroes & making light of the crisis that cops are battling alongside our communities,” the Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York tweeted Thursday.

What crisis?

What's behind the spike in violent crime across NYC?

Another sad reality?

Cop killings are on the rise. The actress’ Tweet feeds into a larger, destructive narrative that police officers are the enemy. Why, they’re fascists, she cries.

Sarandon’s Tweet generated sizable interest on Twitter. The platform, which leans aggressively to the Left, framed the outrage as gently as possible so as not to offend its progressive base.twitter sarandon warning

Could Sarandon face professional punishment for her views?

Fellow liberal star Whoopi Goldberg just got a Cancel Culture scolding after her ignorant comments about the Holocaust.

“The View” mainstay got a two-week suspension from the factually-challenged showcase, although a right-leaning star would have been fired on the spot had she said something similar.

Sarandon is unlikely to face much, if any, repercussions for her toxic Tweet. New York media outlets are covering the matter, but the rest of the mainstream press is ignoring it.

That’s to be expected.

The story doesn’t flatter Sarandon, and journalists routinely hide narratives that could harm a liberal star’s brand.

New York’s finest, however, won’t soon forget her messaging.

UPDATE: The Tweet didn’t get a fraction of the attention some other social media blasts generate, but Sarandon eventually apologized for her comments.

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