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11 Withering Responses to Stephen King’s Pro-Nina Jankowicz Tweet

Horror maestro hearts new Ministry of Truth-style leader with scary results

You’d think a creative soul like Stephen King might think twice about empowering the government to decide what’s “disinformation” or not.

And you’d be wrong.

King, a dyed-in-the-wool progressive, shared his support for Nina Jankowicz on Twitter this week. She’s the new head of the Disinformation Governance Board, part of the Biden administration’s attempt to crack down on Fake News.

Of course, King ignores some salient points tied to both Jankowicz and the new government body.

First, why should we entrust the government to call balls and strikes in such fashion? The Biden administration’s lies are legendary, and progressives would be the first to point out the Trump team’s ability to warp the truth.

Doesn’t King realize the GOP could be in charge in less than three years? What then? Does he even remember “1984” and its “Ministry of Truth?”

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Plus, Jankowicz brings a ghastly track record to the gig. She attacked the verified Hunter Biden laptop as Russian disinformation and praised a key force behind the Russian collusion hoax, Christopher Steele.

More recently, she suggested progressives and minorities face the brunt of Big Tech censorship, not conservatives. It’s such a laughable claim it should immediately prevent her from tackling her new assignment.

Naturally, Twitter users pounced on King – some with humor, and others bearing ideological knives.

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