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11 Epic Slams Against Stephen King’s Ghoulish Train Tweet

Does anyone know the macabre better than Stephen King?

The horror maestro’s books have been getting under our skins for decades. Few scribes have been as successful with their creepy, crawly stories.

“Christine.” “Salem’s Lot.” “Cujo.” “Carrie.”

Some inspired some of the best horror movies of their kind, including “The Shining” and “Misery.” One of 2017’s biggest hits proved to be “It,” the eagerly awaited screen adaptation of his classic 1986 tale.

Yet he’s consistently showcased a blue collar persona at odds with his nightmarish fiction. Uncle Stevie is just like you and me, you see?

That image took a hit this week, thanks to social media.

A 28-year-old man died when an Amtrak train carrying a group of roughly 100 Republicans crashed into a garbage truck. At least two others were seriously hurt in the crash.

Congressional passengers with medical experience, including Re. Bill Cassidy, R-La., immediately helped the injured.

The crash inspired King to fire off this Tweet roughly a day later.stephen king train tweet

It’s unlikely any of the major entertainment sites will report on King’s distasteful Tweet. They lean as left as their news colleagues and prefer to protect liberal stars by staying silent on these matters.

Twitter users, on the other hand, fired with both barrels.

Roughly an hour later King later fired off this Tweet in response to the backlash.

UPDATE: King returned to Twitter to offer as insincere of an apology as you’re ever likely to see.


  1. One would think that an author who was nearly killed by a truck accident years ago would be more empathetic to ANYONE injured or the family/friends/loved ones of an innocent person killed by an accident, but that sonuvabitch King is nothing but a road apple from a diseased horse.

  2. As a dedicated liberal leftist, King tweeted what he really thought. To find joy in the harm to others is a sign of a sick mind…but then again…look at what he writes.

  3. And who was responsible for the “heartless” vote recently that said sure, you can abort babies at 20 wks (5 months!). Stephen?

  4. “If one is necessary”. Why are these jerkwad celebrities incapable of an actual apology? Is it because that means admitting that they did something wrong, which is more than their fragile egos can allow?

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