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Springsteen Silent on Outrageously High Ticket Prices

The progressive rocker, an alleged 'man of the people,' ignores fan outrage

A 2018 paper from Arcadia University dubbed Bruce Springsteen a “Voice of the Working Class.”

Springsteen’s working class identity is portrayed in his writing in a generalized fashion to represent a large portion of working class people. He does this through storytelling and the creation of characters. Springsteen also looks to represent common emotions rather than specific circumstances.

And, at first blush, it makes sense.

Few ’70s rockers captured blue-collar America better than The Boss. Lyrics to tracks like “Born to Run,” “Darkness on the Edge of Town” and “Wrecking Ball” evoke the struggles many face living paycheck to paycheck, the American Dream just out of reach. Springsteen’s bandana and jeans mirrored that sentiment.

Yet reality isn’t matching that decades-old brand of late.

Bruce Springsteen Performs "Land of Hope and Dreams"| Biden-Harris Inauguration 2021

Springsteen’s devotion to the Democrats is part of the problem. New polling shows that middle class voters are switching to the GOP as progressive policies pummel Joe and Jane Sixpack.

The rock legend, who campaigned hard for President Joe Biden, indirectly brought hardship to countless Americans facing soaring gas prices and shocking inflation rates. That’s a political miscalculation, but an apology would be nice.

The Boss’s new working class problem is partially self-inflicted. And you won’t see them referenced in any new lyrics.

Variety reports his passionate fan base is outraged by ticket prices for his upcoming tour.

[Fans] found tickets going for as as $4,000-5,000 for mid-range floor seats, and into the four-figures for other, less desirable tickets that remained. If these were being offered on the secondary market, offers that exorbitant might be expected… but what gave fans sticker shock was that these were face value tickets, with no middleman jacking up the price.

What working class stiff can pony up that much for mediocre seats?

Concert prices in the modern era are consistently sky-high for the biggest names in music. Still, Springsteen isn’t planning to retire anytime soon, and those fees capture a sizable disconnect with his base.

Even the far-Left Variety couldn’t sugarcoat the lousy optics connected to his 2023 tour. The magazine dutifully reached out to Team Springsteen for comment on the matter.

The site came up empty.

Other bands have milked faithful fans for similarly high prices. Ticket prices for a Paul McCartney show are never cheap, but Macca didn’t forge a career from an Everyman pose.

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Springsteen and his fabled E Street Band could be buying time, mulling a more suitable response. Or, he knows his icon status is secure, and longtime fans will either skip this tour or pony up for the not-so-cheap seats.

This isn’t a new issue for The Boss, though.

Wall Street Chases Soaring Springsteen Ticket Prices

His Broadway run four years ago similarly featured prices out of reach for his blue-collar base. “Springsteen on Broadway” went on as planned, and fans figured his Great White Way run wasn’t meant for them anyway.

Now, he’s mum following a genuine outcry from his loyal flock. His “Working Class” bona fides are suddenly taking a hit.

UPDATE: weighed in on the matter, blistering New Jersey’s native son in the process.

It is exceedingly clear that Bruce Springsteen does not care how much a given fan spends to see him play. If he did care, the rock icon who recently sold the rights to his publishing catalog for a cool $500 million — and whose concert tours typically rake in around $200 million at the box office — would refuse to work with Ticketmaster, finance the shows himself, buy permits to use unoccupied fields across America and set a ticket price he alone could control.

UPDATE: This columnist, an unabashed Boss fan, shares why Springsteen’s callous take on the ticket prices subject is a PR nightmare.

To be sure, this episode likely will not shred Springsteen’s reputation, but it will leave a lasting mark. Especially with long-term fans and those who yearn to learn about the legend.


  1. The artist does get a portion of the sale of the ticket. All involved do. They all also have a say in how it’s priced! So yes, he or his promoters know exactly how much these tickets are going for. It also has nothing yo do with demo or repubs. Get over that crap here. This is just about the money. I’ve paid some high prices for concert tickets. Up to $260-$300. Once even $750. That was front row, right in the middle. I will not pay these prices, no matter how good he is. And I would have loved to get one. He knows. Trust me.

  2. The author of this article is ignorant. Not about Springsteen being mum and seemingly out of touch regarding these insane ticket prices, but about what policies are affecting inflation, and what is the cause of it and the high fuel prices caused by it.

  3. I use to see him back in the 80s and early 90s, then he got too political last show was mostly talking Politics. Didn’t pay alot of money to listen to Politics. Paid to hear him sing! He should be a shame not speaking up about those absolutely insane prices. In this day, when all the food and gas prices are out of control. People can barely make ends meet. You can’t pay me to see see him, Don’t pay those GREEDY Prices!!!!

  4. Most of Bruce’s loyal fans are in their 60’s and 70’s now. Most are retired and not able to afford thousands of dollars for tickets. Most younger people do not care for Bruce so why is this happening? Maybe he can do nothing about it, but at least speak up. I feel like his true fans are screwed or
    will have to pay off a maxed out credit card.

  5. This is a wingnut site full of Trumpites.
    Take it for what it’s worth.
    Qanon on Entertainment.
    You can go see Kid Rock for $20 if you don’t like it.

  6. I wouldn’t pay that to see anyone and I’m doing pretty well in life now !! retired USAF and working as a supervisor in a very busy machine shop I can go to a bar on the beach and see a good band anytime I want for the price of a few martinis and some cocktails for the girlfriend !! I dont like Bruce Springsteen but all the major bands are doing this !! but if paying that price for concert is OK with you that’s fine with me !! its your money

  7. Not a Bruce fan. I saw him once only bc he played No Nukes. I would never pay those prices to see him . I much rather see Billy Joel at normal prices. He would never charge his fans this amount of money. He actually leaves the front rows empty and gives them to people who have bad tix in the nosebleed section. I feel Billy is a better songwriter and singer anywqy. .Bruce has his fans and some will pay these prices. Otherwise alot of concerts will get cancelled

  8. I “saw” him at Tampa’s ‘Ice Palace” (now Amalie Arena) about 2002. SAW, not heard. The acoustics were so bad I asked for a refund. And got nothing. He, his producers and promoters do not quality control. All fluff, no music. Your entertainment buck-o’s ae better spent elsewhere.

  9. Sung to the tune of Badlands

    Lights out tonight in my apartment
    Can’t pay the bill or my months rent
    Im caught in a big scam that I don’t understand
    Well there one thing I want to say man

    Poor man wanna be rich …rich man wanna be king
    And you gotta be a rich man to ‘ford this pricing
    I wanna go out tonight but I don’t got the cash ….

  10. Funny how people forget how they can hear their favourite artists for free on line, yet still want live tickets on the cheap!!!. Most inflated costs will not be the face value rather tickets sold on. Also, no one is forcing you to buy the tickets in the first place!!!!

  11. Yeah from the sound of this writer, they ought to be ecstatic that the market is driving the price rather than some horrendous government oversight panel or, gasp, some regulatory agency! I’d say learn to spell, and also learn to find statistics that are credible. From what I’ve seen, those who are crying so much about inflation and gas prices (and the like), are the ones driving the huge pickup trucks with four wheel drive at 90 miles an hour down the interstate with the political flags flying. Don’t kid yourself, Americans have tons of money!

  12. It’s not his fault . When I logged I. Wednesday there were tickets ranging from 89-399 . I was lucky and got mine for 129. Hours later people were resale for 500 1449 the lowest I saw for resale was 203 .

  13. I took my 12 year old to her first concert on the floor $150 per tix the last time he played in Atlanta 2016. Now this Biden Apologist is asking $6000 per ticket. Well I guess he is an Elitist POS Go play on Broadway. I wouldn’t pay they amount anyway because the talent has left the building when Clarence died, lucky to have seen that in person. These greedy artists have lost me take your Progressive Politics and Outrageous prices and U can Kiss My Arse in the USA .

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