‘Sasquatch and the Missing Man’ Explores More Than Bigfoot

Inquisitive doc won’t convince skeptics but nails creature's enduring hold on us

It would take more than one documentary to make a Bigfoot skeptic see the light.

“Sasquatch and the Missing Man” raises far more questions than answers. Naysayers will come away unchanged. Those who believe the big, hairy guy stalks the woods will nod along with every clue.

What “Sasquatch” does best is examine the souls who swear they’ve had an encounter with the mythical creature and how it changed their emotional compasses. And, by extension, the team that puts so much effort into pursuing the truth behind the myth.

Sasquatch and the Missing Man | Teaser

The film begins with a sprawling account from a man who encountered a Sasquatch-like creature in the woods. The man’s details are impressive. So is his sense of unease in sharing the story.

Fear? Uncertainty? Whatever happened to him left a mark.

The same holds for a woman who says the creature lurks beyond her property lines.

Both stories offer personal reflections on not just what they saw but how it impacted their lives. It’s not easy believing something that most people dismiss as a sideshow, a concept beyond the realm of rational thinking.

The documentary’s wrinkle? The filmmakers come across signs of a missing person, adding an extra layer to the proceedings. Is it a happy creative coincidence or something else?

The film takes a reality show pivot by simultaneously sharing these stories and revealing the debates behind the scenes. We hear the small investigative team, led by “The Confessionals” podcast host/director Tony Merkel, examine every clue (or non-clue) that crosses their path.

How does the titular “Missing Man” intersect with their unfolding documentary?

To paraphrase “The X-Files,” “They want to believe.” So does the film’s target audience, even if they might crave a tighter presentation. Some conversations could have been left behind without spoiling the story.

Not everyone is on Team Sasquatch, though.

“Most of this is bulls*** but that was real,” producer Joseph Granda, part of the on-screen team, says after a strange noise pierces through the team’s RV-like vehicle.

It’s easy to dismiss what the team uncovers throughout the documentary. It’s the woods! Animals do all kinds of things at night, and few are done in silence. 

And there’s the lingering question that haunts every Bigfoot search – why can’t we get video proof of the big guy (or gal) given the endless sightings and testimonies?

That misses the point. Yes, some will declare “Sasquatch and the Missing Man” as more proof that Bigfoot walks among us. It’s the quieter dramas lurking on the edges that will keep everyone else engaged.

HiT or Miss: “Sasquatch and the Missing Man” could use a few edits, but it’s a compelling look at the legend’s impact on its true believers.


  1. Do you have a link I can access to find this movie? I’m unable to find it! I’m guessing it’s VOD somewhere?

  2. As hard as it is for people to believe, there’s one aspect that nearly everybody misses.

    If possible, locate a map that dots all missing persons in the past X number of years. Then, if possible, overlay that with known cave locations

    I’m not saying some critter is grabbing meals and hitting a hidey-hole, but beyond that, it’s damn surprising to see those maps and realize the sheer number of disappearances. It’s too many to be a mere coincidence.

    1. I saw that map years ago. It’s creepy how many missing people and how close to cave systems there are.

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