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Ron Perlman: I’d Risk Death to Bring Trump Down

Actor Ron Perlman takes his role in The Resistance seriously.

The “Sons of Anarchy” star spends the bulk of his Twitter time savaging President Donald Trump. To do so he uses the curse “muthaf***a” more often than those little blue creatures say “Smurf.”

His Twitter flock called him out on it recently. Did Perlman, most recently seen in Amazon’s “Hand of God” series, back down?

No. He doubled down. And, as a result, suggested that he’s willing to lay down his life to bring down President Trump.

He must be serious because he capitalized “country.”

The actor doesn’t spell out how he’d give his own life for The Resistance. Perhaps a subsequent Tweet will add some clarity. Some of his left-leaning Twitter flock cheered him on. Others gave him a not so polite response.

Here’s a little tough love from a fan:


  1. To die is the easy part, you make the request, someone will take you up on it. Why not do something to effect change. Whoops, you would rather blow hot air. Children learn at their parents knees, and having a dope like you for a father, what must your children be thinking, offering to die in some mythical “resistance”. You truly are a ZERO!

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