Great Pandemic Protest Songs, from Clapton to Five Times August

Luminous Wavez rocker knows lockdowns might not be gone for good

Music was my salvation during the pandemic.

When Eric Clapton and Van Morrison began releasing lockdown protest songs, I was overjoyed. I wasn’t alone!

Others out there felt just as frustrated by the government’s response as me. The overreach, the censorship, the violation of human rights and the unelected officials restricting our freedoms
may not have been questioned by the press, but they were expertly lambasted by these legendary artists.

Slowhand & Van - This Has Gotta Stop (Eric Clapton, Van Morrison)

To feed the freedom beast, I started listening to familiar protest songs by socially-conscious artists like Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Rage Against the Machine, Nina Simone and many others. Their enduring power and relevancy was crystal clear during the maddening pandemic time.

Songs of dissent whisper essential truths passed down through the generations. Most importantly, they remind us that freedom requires those willing to fight for it. With classic artists keeping my moral compass pointed in the right direction, I resisted and overcame the purveyors’ of censorship and fear.

Eventually, it dawned on me that more musicians might be making protest songs about the current government tyranny. I purposefully sought out and discovered a handful of singers addressing the crucial issues of the day.

Though I was disappointed at the lack of pop stars speaking truth to power, I was able to find a variety of genres, messages and lyrics to take on the tyrants.

Like any artist, I may not agree with everything they say, but I’m inspired by their courage to wear their values on their sleeve. Any artist going against the approved government/corporate narrative puts their career and reputation at risk.

Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy - This Is A War (Official Video)

These artists demonstrated that they care more about truth and freedom than amassing shallow trinkets like fame and money.

Now that the pandemic is officially over, their music and inspiration should be remembered. If it was up to me, they would be honored by the music press for their insight and bravery. Perhaps a Grammy for Best Protest Song?

I’m not holding my breath.

Still, future musicians and resistance fighters will look to these songs for inspiration and guidance when the next wave of tyranny hits our shore.

Below is a list of some of the artists and their albums/songs that stood up for freedom and truth during the pandemic. These musicians refused to surrender their God-given rights to technocrat government officials.

Please take a listen, share them with others and use them as encouragement and inspiration to take action and stand up for the sacred value of freedom.

Van Morrison:

What’s it Gonna Take?

“Born Free”

“No More Lockdown”

“Where Have All The Rebels Gone?”

Five Times August:

“Silent War” album

Hi Rez, Jimmy Levy:

“Welcome To The Revolution”

“United We Stand”

Jimmy Levy

“This Is A War”

Eric Clapton:

“This Has Gotta Stop”

Cassius Julius:

Hold The Line


“Will of the People”


“More of Us”

RC The Rapper

“Just Say No”

Blind Joe

“I Will Not Comply”


“Rebelution (Do Not Comply)”

Need more: This “Freedom Songs Playlist” offers hours of protest songs

Mike Dobbins is the lyricist for Luminous Wavez, a “Cash Meets Cave” indie rock duo formed with U.K. musician Leaone. Mike is a lifelong advocate for free speech and human rights. His greatest job and joy is being a father.


  1. During the insanity I made t-shirts that said “antivaxxer” and “masks are retarded” for me and my cousins and we danced to Slowhand and Van’s protest songs on the sidewalk. I also love the songs put out by Five Times August, Jimmy Levy, and Hi Rez. I wasn’t familiar with the other songs you listed until now. I’m adding them to my noncompliance playlist. Other Five Times August songs on my playlist are: God Help Us All, Gates Behind the Bars, Outtayerdaminde, Sad Little Man, and Anti-Fascist Blues. Another Eric Clapton song is Stand and Deliver. Thanks so much for sharing! Never let them get to you!

  2. This very small list shows how dumbed down and domesticated most popular artists have become.
    Completely the opposite of what true artists should be.
    Anyone who requires their fans to submit to experimental medical procedures in order to watch them perform deserves to be scorned. Some, not I, would say they deserve to be vomitted on, which is probably less unhygenic than getting the jab.
    Well done the real people.

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