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Far-Left Oliver Stone Blasts Lawfare Against Trump

'Platoon' director's comments come on terrible day for Bragg case vs. ex-president

Even CNN couldn’t hide today’s horrible news for Team Stop-Trump-at-All-Costs.

It’s a snapshot of the legal bind Donald Trump finds himself in just months before Election Day. Indictment after indictment. Troubled case after troubled case.

All designed to prevent the 45th president from becoming the nation’s 47th Commander-in-Chief.

It’s also the perfect context for recent comments by Oscar-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone.

The auteur behind “Platoon,” “JFK” and “The Doors” spoke to Variety about his new film, “Lula.” The documentary examines the pressures on Brazil’s far-Left leader Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva and the various legal campaigns to stop him.

They worked, for a while.


Lula da Silva is back as Brazil’s leader, a journey the new film chronicles with obvious sympathy for its subject. Stone’s affection for far-Left leaders, no matter how flawed, precedes him.

Except Stone isn’t stopping there.

He’s drawing parallels between what he calls the “lawfare” to stop Brazil’s president to what’s currently happening to Trump.

“The charges on both sides of the Trump-Biden election are pretty wild — that Biden is corrupt and Trump is corrupt,” he says. “It’s a new form of warfare. It’s called lawfare. And that’s what they’re using against Trump. And I think there’s interesting parallels here in America, as well as all over the world, you’re seeing this kind of behavior. [Trump’s] got four trials and some of these charges, whether you’re for him or against him, they are minor.”

The funny part? The publicist helping Stone chat with Variety tried to steer him to another topic. He persisted.

The second funniest part? The Variety reporter interrupting his own story to rebut Stone’s comments. Would the scribe do the same if, say, Robert De Niro uncorked another factually wobbly Trump rant?

Stone is no MAGA hat devotee. He’s excoriated the former leader in the past, and Stone’s progressive bona fides have never been in doubt.

That makes his comments, combined with the faltering case against Trump in New York City, all the more intriguing.

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  1. General Witzleben had a better chance at a fair trial in the court of Roland Freisler than President Trump has in Merchan’s court.

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