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How O’Keefe, Film Threat Exposed Disney’s DEI Agenda

Chris Gore, Christopher Rufo and James O'Keefe shame press, speak truth to power

Inside Out 2” gave Disney a rare win on the box office battlefield.

The company, which oversees Pixar films, has suffered one megaflop after another in recent years. Now, its animated sequel could earn $100 million in its second weekend of release. 

The Mouse House’s good times unofficially ended today, courtesy of James O’Keefe.

The provocateur unleashed his latest undercover operation, this time targeting Disney’s race-based hiring practices.

The founder of O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) caught Disney Senior VP Michael Giordano on camera describing the company’s alleged DEI initiatives. That includes reportedly discriminating against white males and other potentially illegal practices.

“Nobody else is going to tell you this, but they’re not considering any white males for the job…there’s no way we’re hiring a white male.”

The executive, who unpublished his LinkedIn account after the story went viral, told the undercover reporter that one black candidate was turned down at Disney for not appearing sufficiently black.

Elon Musk shared the clip with his 188M followers.

There’s much more in the clip, but for those who follow Film Threat and/or conservative activist Christopher Rufo, the information isn’t technically new.


Film Threat, founded in the 1980s by Chris Gore, has been chronicling Disney’s DEI agenda and its punitive impact on its content via The D-Files. The Alan Ng-led series lets former and current Disney employees spill internal secrets about the company, from how it essentially chased away some veteran animators to its diversity-at-all-costs plan.

Pre-“Inside Out 2,” the results have been calamitous to Disney’s bottom line. Films like “Lightyear,” seemingly a sure-fire Disney hit, failed. 

Lightyear | Trailer 2 | Official IMAX® Trailer

The term, “Pale and Male is Stale” became an unofficial catchphrase behind the scenes, according to Film Threat.

Independent news sites like also have tracked Disney’s actions in this arena. YouTube standouts like Nerdrotic and The Critical Drinker track the company’s woke transformation, gaining millions of views.

Rufo added his contribution to the efforts.

Disney: DEI or Bust

The conservative activist, a one-man wrecking crew targeting DEI policies, uncovered secret Disney footage that showed company employees bragging about its Culture War mission.

Latoya Raveneau, an executive producer for Disney Television Animation, said that company showrunners were “super welcoming . . . to my not-at-all-secret gay agenda.”

Consumers can agree or disagree with Raveneau’s approach, but it’s newsworthy.


These reports all hail from outside traditional media circles. This isn’t the handiwork of The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, or other well-heeled platforms. They’ve mostly ignored these investigations despite larger resources and skilled investigative teams.

The heavy lifting came without corporate backers or broadcast media largesse. The reports speak truth to power about one of the country’s most influential companies.

The Disney brand has been part of western culture for decades. The studio’s films represent a significant portion of what audiences see at any given theater.

Will traditional media cover what OMG exposed? What about a promised second round of Disney revelations? Or will journalists spend more time blasting the investigation as a “cheap fake” rather than ask Disney some tough but fair questions about its hiring practices?

We likely know the answers to those questions. The only item left? How many more independent investigations are underway now?


  1. This has been happening at Disney for YEARS. Every white male knows it in the industry. It’s happening at DreamWorks and WB too. DreamWorks Animation has hired ONE straight, white male in 30 years of feature animation!

    Pushing males out of roles and replacing with women is also an ongoing issue.

    Sad state of affairs at these studios and it is being executed by lemming HR leaders and Recruiters.

  2. Lightyear failed because of marketing and Disney Plus. The success of Inside Out 2 proves that the “go woke, go broke” mantra and Ditch Disney never worked. And your “experts” … yea. Nerdrotic is an ex-felony and Critical Drinker is a one note dolt. And That Theme Park guy, dude, he makes a video bitching about Tianas Bayou Adventure every other day for the past two years. He needs new material. All of them do. All they ever do is circle jerk themselves while in there mommy’s basement

    1. Yeah otherwise Disney has been just cranking out critical and financial bangers. Even presented with evidence you come up with a half has argument based on your dislike or Nerdrotic and Drinker. Is the Koolaid that good crybaby?

    2. Not really, Inside Out 2 has no DEI agenda and content, nor any WOKE CRGT Identarian content. It’s worked alright. Stick your head in the sand please. How is The Acolyte?

    3. Minus all the insults to people I’ve never heard of, you are… well, totally wrong. Maybe it’s time to up your intellectual game instead of concentrating so hard on being in lockstep with the left. (Furthermore, Tim Allen was 10x the Buzz Lightyear Chris Evans could ever hope to be).

    4. Of course (Kastner) defends Disney, using ad hominem attacks against all those YouTubers.
      Shouldn’t you be studying the Talmud instead of watching them?

    5. Ok your entitled to your opinion as am I. But the evidence of racial preference hiring practices can’t be dodged.

  3. Oh I see Disney shaking in their boots. Dude, really? They hire plenty of white males. Look who is in charge. This is pathetic

    1. They were s***ting bricks about a board takeover a month and a half ago little lady.Don’t dude me bro people might think we’re cool and I don’t associate with idiots who cry about white males…while also being white males. I get it you are an ally Joe K the simp.

    2. 1. Discrimination doesn’t depend on whether employees from a certain group exists in a company, but whether a company does not hire people from a certain group. These are two different things.
      2. Iger is Jewish, not really “white”, just like almost the entire leadership of many other companies who want to force DEI/ESG on others (80% of Blackrock’s founders, 95% of Hollywood studios, NYT, WaPo, most TV networks, Craigslist, Bloomberg etc etc). Amazing how the LEADERS of the companies most vocal about “diversity” tend to be a very tiny ethnic group. You’d think “diversity” would also apply to those leaders, but, apparently, an ethnic monolith at those levels and from that group is perfectly fine, Diversity is only needed at the “bottom”. I’m waiting for the obligatory screams of anti-this or that, since noticing things and pointing hypocrisy is a no-no among the left.

      1. It’s so obvious by now the boomers who still can’t humble themselves and admit they were wrong for so long are keeping us from being able to defend ourselves, after the Palestinians they are coming after us in the US and Europe.

    3. You’re clearly a Disney shill. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be lying about both Nerdrotic and Critical Drinker.

  4. No matter how the left may spin it, manipulate it, propagandize it or report it: To place significance, importance or meaning to one’s skin color is RACISM, it’s really very simple. Disney is racist.

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