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New NPR CEO Dubbed Bill Maher ‘Racist Bigot’ UPDATED

Katherine Maher's old Tweets are coming back to haunt her in a huge way

Katherine Maher’s tenure as head of far-Left NPR is off to a rocky start.

Maher ascended to the position last month, but two recent events have caused her considerable headaches.

And one is all her fault.

Last week, a veteran NPR editor exposed the outlet’s extreme liberal bias for all to see. Uri Berliner took to the cyber-pages of The Free Press to lament NPR’s inability to do its job.

The blistering essay name-checked NPR’s dereliction of duty regarding the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, the pandemic lab leak theory and the Russian Collusion hoax.

That’s only the tip of the media bias iceberg, but it made the point.

In each case, NPR clung to far-Left narratives over the truth. Here’s how Berliner described NPR’s reaction to getting the anti-Trump collusion hoax wrong.

It is one thing to swing and miss on a major story. Unfortunately, it happens. You follow the wrong leads, you get misled by sources you trusted, you’re emotionally invested in a narrative, and bits of circumstantial evidence never add up. It’s bad to blow a big story.

What’s worse is to pretend it never happened, to move on with no mea culpas, no self-reflection. 

NPR publicly slammed Berliner’s essay without addressing the damning facts within. The FP piece went viral all the same, diminishing the NPR brand in the process.

Now, social media users are digging through Maher’s old Tweets to find out if she’s as cartoonishly biased as NPR is today.

Yes. Yes, she is.


One Tweet in particular, circa 2018, named-checked another Maher … the host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Here’s a screen grab in case she decides to erase them.

Katherine Maher Bill Maher racist

The future NPR CEO had some choice words for the liberal comedian at the time, although she omitted any facts to back them up.

Why would the new NPR CEO ever say such a thing?

As Bill Maher repeatedly warns, he hasn’t shifted to the Right over the past decade. Many modern liberals shifted to the extreme Left while he stood his ground.

For that, he’s been savaged by his fellow progressives.

Breaking Down Bill Maher’s History Of Racially Insensitive Remarks

The CEO’s past Tweets all but shout her far-Left thinking. Maybe that’s why she read Berliner’s essay and thought NPR had done nothing wrong.

Ignoring facts that hurt Democrats is what NPR does best now.

We’ll wait to see if Bill Maher responds to her accusations. If so, even NPR devotees may not like that the outlet’s new CEO slammed a comedian without having the facts on her side.

It’s a bad look for anyone, let alone the head of a major news organization.

UPDATE: Maher indirectly addressed Katherine Maher’s comments on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

“She’s a ‘Portlandia’ character,” the comedian said, referring to the satirical show skewering that city’s far-Left denizens.


  1. indy journalism is soo much more trill than the corpo DEI schlock “journalism” at NPR/legacy media.
    Bari Weiss and the Free Press rule!

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