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This Australian Comic Predicted Academia’s Woke Insanity – 7 Years Ago

Neel Kolhatkar's 'Educayshun' clip goes to the heart of the illiberal, violent Left

Sometimes the best satire arrives years ahead of its time.

Mike Judge’s “Idiocracy,” a box office flop upon its release, is now cited chapter and verse for its brutal takedown of our dumbed-down age.

Idiocracy 2006 Trailer HD | Mike Judge | Luke Wilson | Dax Shepard

Some of “South Park’s” most withering episodes land even harder years after their debut. They tackle tricky subjects like transgenderism and woke academia in ways that seem as if they were written yesterday, not more than a decade ago.

Need another example? Consider this short film from Australian comedian Neel Kolhatkar.

The video, which Kolhatkar wrote, directed and co-stars in, takes us to a seemingly ordinary math classroom. Looks can be deceiving, alas.

“Modern Educayshun” shows an Orwellian school where facts are offensive and privilege is the primary virtue.

Seem prescient?

The clip went live seven years ago and has generated 19 million views over that time span.

The comedian plays the main character, a student who enters a class already in progress and is flummoxed by both his fellow students and the stern instructor.

The teacher asks simplistic math questions suitable for a first grader, and our nameless hero answers them correctly. Except he’s “wrong,” according to both the teacher and his fellow students.

The confusion escalates and before long the students are accusing him of using “violent” words. And they’re more than happy to physically silence him before he spouts another fact.

Words are violence. Antifa’s bricks and stones are another matter. Right?


The video features sharp production values, solid performances and laughter between the chills.

Let’s hope in another seven years “Modern Educayshun” will be seen as a lark, a reminder of how far society fell before sanity returned to the culture.

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  1. I remember viewing this video last year. Hard to believe it was so ‘on the nose’ nearly a decade ago.

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