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Megyn Kelly Calls Disney’s ‘Proud Family’ CRT Push ‘Absolute Filth’

SiriusXM host, Jesse Kelly pummel propaganda ep. focused on reparations

Disney’s brand took hit after hit last year, and 2023 is off to a similar start.

The Mouse House’s decision to inject itself into the Culture Wars sent its stock prices tumbling in 2022. The company’s animation wing also suffered from two high-profile duds – “Lightyear” and “Strange World.”

The company’s tactics can be seen in the new Salem Media feature, “Walt’s Disenchanted Kingdom” (NOTE: This reporter is featured in the documentary)

Walt’s Disenchanted Kingdom

Disney is starting the new year on familiar footing.

Disney+ just unveiled season two of “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder.” The animated reboot follows Penny Proud and her family, who are black. The show, according to Disney, addresses cultural issues along with the usual animated high jinks geared toward younger audiences.

One segment of the show’s “Juneteenth” episode is generating plenty of attention. The episode features a wall-to-wall Critical Race Theory-style sermonizing.

Here’s a peek at the dialogue in question:

“This country was built on slavery — which means slaves built this country”

“We the descendants of slaves in America have earned reparations for their suffering…and continue to earn reparations every moment we spend submerged in a systemic prejudice, racism and white supremacy that America was founded with and still has not atoned for.”

The official clip from the episode in question turned off YouTube users’ ability to comment.

Walt’s Disenchanted Kingdom

The right-leaning host of “The Megyn Kelly Show” shared her views without any Big Tech censors to stop her or show guest Jesse Kelly.

“This is a reflection of what our culture has become, a big bunch of grievance-mongering whiners … ‘America sucks because of this, it sucks because of that,'” said Kelly, a nationally syndicated radio show host.

Kelly couldn’t contain her anger at the parade of misinformation aimed at impressionable minds.

“This is absolute filth,” Kelly said.

Disney's Woke Reboot and How This is Damaging to Our Children, with Jesse Kelly

“The anger that they put in the mouths of these little kids….Meanwhile, as if any little kid is walking around America today, saying, ‘we want reparations,” Megyn Kelly said. “They’re trying to plant these ideas early.”

“How crazy is it that Disney is coming fresh off a year where the CEO got the ax … after all those losses they’ve chosen to double and triple down on everything that has turned off American families,” Jesse Kelly said. “It’s all activism, all the time. It’s crazy that this is allowed to go on in the boardroom.”

“They’re trying to make these children hate America,” Megyn Kelly said. “Just the racism of it. This is a channel that’s supposed to appeal, I guess, to black families. What black families? Do they assume all black families hate America and wanna demand reparations and say we haven’t gotten past slavery? Who are the black families they’re having out with?”

“Louder and Prouder” show executive producer Bruce W. Smith told the liberal Screen Rant why the “Juneteenth” episode matters to him personally.

What’s cool is that [‘Juneteenth’] always be there now, as an episode in the canon of The Proud Family. You will always be able to watch it, and it will always evoke a conversation at some point.

It’s the same as when you’re talking about reparations. We discussed reparations in one of our episodes, which is something that was never a topic on the table in school. But now, thankfully, it’s there in the canon of the show. That’s what I’m most proud of.


  1. how in the world does it teach them to “Hate America?!” it teaches them that there was this thing called “slavery,” which you all now want to whitewash from history and “pretend” like it never happened!

    and CRT is a GRADUATE level COLLEGE CLASS!!
    it is NOT being taught to 3rd graders!! they have a hard enough time learning math! saying this is pure Republican PROPAGANDA!!

  2. When did Hollywood in Toto become so woke? I used to come here to read about more conservative views. It’s a bit hidden but you can tell they are becoming a little more liberal everyday.

  3. The biggest moral delima is that HATE is being pushed into the minds of everyone, especially children. We should be instilling love and acceptance, forgiveness and understanding that WE shouldn’t have to pay for the mistakes made in the past. We need to move on and teach that HATE is not good for healthy relationships. Besides, Cotton was only picked once a year by all races, not just one. It wasn’t picked every darn day! Slaves were given food, shelter, clothing, medical care in exchange for farm labor. Same as people going to work today in exchange foe things we need.

    1. @Prunella

      I hope you’re joking that slavery was a good thing.

      Slaves past and present would strongly disagree.

      1. Tony, are you referring g to Hollywood in Toto as the company that hates you? You are correct then. They hate you.

  4. Disney can go bleep itself many times over for this propaganda filled CRT bull. It is absolutely baffling to me that a company can continue to hemorrhage money and yet still push the same garbage time and time again that they are hemorrhaging money over. The Far Left has got to be supplementing their losses, there is really no other explanation. The Far Left needs racism to survive as their entire platform wouldn’t exist without it. Just protect your children everybody. Don’t allow Disney and their sick f*** wander spanners to get into their heads. Monitor everything that is taught to them.
    Systemic Racism is a bold lie and shows like The Proud Family Louder and Prouder is proof of that to be sure. It pains me to say this unfortunately as I used to adore Disney but now…now..
    just bleep off.

  5. People need to boycott Disney,
    Touchstone Pictures
    Hollywood Records, Disney Music Group
    Walt’s goal was to entertain and embrace the very best of America, and not embrace political messaging of activists and deviant groups.

      1. Tony, why are you so mean? Fred2 is just trying to have a civil discussion and all you do is insult and name call him.

      2. @Andy

        Tony is no different than the unhinged progressives he rails against.

        The sad part is that he doesn’t see it.

      3. I agree with you. Fred2. Probably futile to even discuss a liberal view on this site. Everyone is just primed to fight and argue. The articles are so slanted and skewed to a hateful view it seems.

      1. Tony,

        I don’t think that Fred2’s views are that far left and he is definitely not lecturing you. He has been completely respectful and is merely expressing a different view. I think that on some level you know that. I’m not sure why you are so angry. Seems like you enjoy tearing other’s down. Think about it, is that a very nice or productive way to spend your day? Anger dialed to 11? Putting people down that you don’t even know? You’ve got to know on some level this site is designed to rile you up. I doubt the writer’s of these articles are really even that upset about a lot of this stuff. It makes them money though so they peddle their pretend, over the top outrage. The articles are meant to be provocative and push buttons. You are being played.

      2. Well, sorry but I’m tired of Critical Race Theory. Fred2’s comments screams Critical Race Theory.

      3. Tony, if you are tired of hearing about critical race theory than why are you on this site’s comments section? Turn off your computer. You’ll be much happier.

  6. I really hate that we all end up earnestly talking about nonsense like reparations. It is “iffy history” or the modern equivalent of Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce, namely a multigenerational career for race hustlers and grievance mongers. Do you want to torpedo any reparations conversation in a fun and creative way? Just ask if Barack Obama will be a net payer or a net payee. And if that chat starts to wind down, ask the same question about his daughters. And if that doesn’t perk things up, mention that about 4 percent of self-identified white Americans have at least 1 percent or more of African ancestry. Do they pay or do they get paid? And if we’re going keep busy fixing centuries-old gripes, don’t forget that living in New York are descendants of Iroquois who enslaved Hurons whose descendants currently live in Michigan. What are you gonna do about them? Still not messy enough? Remind everyone that the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t actually apply to slaves held on tribal lands, so ownership of Africans by Native Americans continued after 1865. Don’t actually participate in the conversation; it’s more fun just to watch folks try to unscramble these eggs.

    1. @pottfullofpith

      Do you oppose the government giving reparations to Japanese Americans unjustly sent to camps during World War 2?

      1. Yet, you have no problem with Joe Biden who said one time, “If you don’t vote for me, then you ain’t black”.

      2. I continued to read the comments. You started out with a strong point. However, you can’t continue the conversation…likely because you haven’t even done your own research or flat out don’t know anything other than what you have been told.

        I am personally against CRT not out of hatred or racism towards anyone but for the simple fact that the topic in and of itself is pushing racism, as well as teaching the overwhelming amounts of racism from every direction to these new generations here and going forward. Why would we want to throw ourselves hundreds of years in reverse to revisit things that when I was a child were actually getting better. I am in NO way saying our children shouldn’t be taught all of the truths. Historically proven truths.

        That being said, I don’t think this material should be taught in schools, nor do I believe it should be taught in any way shape or form on childrens shows! Don’t y’all see that this is teaching them hate? Don’t you see that this is adding to the divisions of every possible sector of our lives?! Remember that old adage “divide and conquer”? That is what crt is doing and will do within schools and to those who are introduced to it. If parents choose to teach their kids that information to their child within their own home… that is a personal choice for their child not mine but should my white child have to go to school and suddenly fear racism … the exact thing that we have all been fighting against since before Michael Jackson’s super bowl performance what seems like a lifetime ago.

        As for you @Tony if the only thing you have to say is throwing the same three insults out to anyone that opposes you… please stop typing and shut up. You are bringing no knowledge to your side of the argument. You just seem like the racist extremist yourself. This is coming from someone else that is also AGAINST CRT! You are making yourself look like an idiot and the rest of people that oppose CRT are scoffing our how ridiculously ignorant you have made yourself appear.

        It is a thing that needs to be a conversation but not a forced one nor one where people are attacked for sharing their opinions or knowledge.

        If you are going to have the conversation… add to it with real knowledge and facts in a kind way. If you can’t be kind at least go for diplomatic. Geeze!!!

        For everyone he has just thrown rudeness at, please don’t stop the conversation! It needs to be had but both sides need to be listened to AND heard. Not argued.

        Some people really make me worry even more about this country as if we needed more to worry about. We all need to stand together. Period. (Especially against idiots like that dude.)

      3. You mean the actual Japanese that were actually held in camps, not their possible distant relatives that didn’t go through it?

  7. The overriding point is “Leave the political propaganda out of the entertainment.” Disney will continue to loose billions as long as those with a political agenda are allowed to infect the entertainment. Entertainment is where we ALL should be able to participate together despite our differences.

      1. Except slavery doesn’t exist in America anymore. You’re in denial you evil propagandist. And no, it is NOT. The post 9/11 issue is far different then this Critical Race Theory crap you love to push.

      2. @Tony

        Slavery still exists in America. It’s called human trafficking.

        Unlike the past, human trafficking is done covertly since legal-and overt-slavery was ended by the 13th Amendment.

      3. Yeah but he’s not talking about human trafficking and you know that. The topic was the African American slave trade and how it doesn’t exist anymore. If we are supposed to be of the school of thought that black people should receive money because of something that their distant relatives may or may not have gone through, that’s a problem. That being said, The United States should have compensated the actual slaves, you know, the people that actually went through it. They are not required to compensate anyone that happens to be born black or half black or look black. It’s ridiculous.

  8. Oh her…didn’t NBC take her show away for being racist? Clearly talking about a topic she has only benefited from, not a victim of. Interesting.

  9. if disney is so hell bent on being the worlds super woke social justice warrior, they should put their profit where their contempt is and get the ball rolling by giving all their blax and poc,gay and trans (excluding white and certain asians of course,but certainly not chinese) employees under their umbrella of companies their own money reparations and included free excess for life to all their parks and amenities,it is only fitting that they do this,this in turn would cause all the other companies that have the same want and desire to do the right thing,with the msm pushing this agenda and concept its bound to catch on globally…

    1. @T wilson

      I’d take conservative outrage over reparations to Black people (fellow Americans) if they weren’t silent when the GOP in Congress votes to send BILLIONS to foreign lands like Ukraine.

      1. No one is getting silenced by the GOP. The Democrats are doing far more silencing. You are a racist pig who hates America. Burn in hell, you evil abomination.

      2. @Tony

        It’s hard to admit the GOP are just accomplices to Democrats’ Big Government tyranny,

      3. Maybe so, but it’s the Democrats pushing the narrative of “systemic racism” to destroy America.

  10. Has anyone seen the racist video they made about black wanting reparations and saying slaves made America.. Now we all know white men made this video. These white men Need to step down and give some black folks their jobs. The CEO and the president Need to step down because they are white. And we can’t have white folks running Disney now can we boys. Put there are money where their mouth is: Disney is a racist company against white people who have been their main supporters over the years. Disney has become a disgrace to America. #BoycottDisney

      1. @Tony

        Here are some points raised by the episode.

        * Did Slaves build America?

        There is some truth to this. Sure, free people built a lot of America. But it would be disingenuous to ignore how profitable industries like cotton relied on slave labor, which contributed to America’s wealth.

        * Does Systemic Racism Exist in America?

        Sadly, this is true. For example, the Pro-Life Movement frequently and accurately use “black genocide” to describe the placement of Planned Parenthood abortion mills in Black neighborhoods. That’s clear systemic racism as it the policies that protect such mills.

        Abortion isn’t the only example of systemic racism since the end of legalized slavery in America. Other examples include Jim Crow, gun control, redlining, and opposition to school choice.

        * Reparations.

        This issue should at least be discussed. I mean Japanese American unjustly locked up in camps during World War II got reparations. So, why can’t be discuss native born African Americans getting reparations for the damage caused by legalized slavery and Jim Crow?

        Bottom line, the clip from the TPF episode does tell some truths about America as uncomfortable as they are. This should lead to discussion, not dismissals or tired talking points.

      2. Everything you said is a lie. The clip has no truth, it’s all lies and propaganda. And you’re a propagandist. There is no such thing as “systemic racism”. That’s clearly you hating America and you want it to become communist. Planned Parenthood is an evil organization. So fuck off with your propaganda you evil abomination.

      3. @Tony

        It’s the pro-life movement that rightly equates abortion to systemic racism.

        So, are you saying that being pro-life is communist?

      4. Lol did you completely miss out on black history?? How could you possibly say there were no truths? Systemic racism has been a round for years. Even your response shows that this country would rather pretend like the issues don’t exist instead of having that uncomfortable conversation

      5. @Ish

        You’re defending the narrative as well. “Systemic racism” is a term made up by radical leftists like you to destroy America and transform it into a communist country.

      6. Yea you’re white and probably a child. You’re the problem with this country. Spreading misinformation as if you didn’t learn nothing in school. If all the things they said were lies why you so upset truth hurts doesn’t it. Why do they want to change the education curriculum if what they saying are all lies? What it is, is y’all don’t want your grandkids seeing you in the movies and in the books spewing hate.

      7. Actually you bring up a good point that abortion being legally protected can be an example of systemic racism. The others you cite are not examples of systemic racism, but examples of racism that can happen within a system, there’s a huge difference.

        For instance a black person can receive a jail sentence longer than a white person for a similar crime, but that does not mean it is necessarily racist. The law itself does not state that someone with a specific skin color can receive a sentence of 3-5 years, compared to another skin color who gets 2-4. That would be “systemic”, i.e. in the system. A judge may look at the situation and see different factors in the crime, different priors, etc, and give someone a longer sentence. If it can be proven that the longer sentence is not justified based on those and other factors, then we can say that individual racism on the judge’s part might come in.

        Same thing with redlining and other issues. There is no racism baked into the system, but decisions by individuals can have their racism as a factor. Those are the cases that we need to examine and correct when provable, in fact it’s I feel it’s our duty to do so. But it’s terrible to continue to teach our children that racism is “systemic”, I really think that’s evil.

        But again, I think you bring up a good point about abortion. If you look at the origins of it, and the history of Planned Parenthood it becomes clear that black people in this country were in fact targeted. And it DOES in fact continue to be protected by our government, but beyond that FUNDED by our tax dollars.

      8. @Ty

        It’s not evil to teach kids about systems in America that create and enforce racism.
        For example:

        * Jim Crow laws created a racist system in which African Americans were treated as second class citizens.

        * Gun control laws created were called “Black Codes” because they created a racist system to make it very difficult if not impossible for African Americans to buy guns for self-defense. It’s no surprise that White racists like the KKK really loved black codes.

      9. Bc at this point society is three and four and five+ generations past slavery. Why should anyone receive money for their great, great, great anything’s suffering? And where’s the money coming from? Basically it’s asking for a handout alah welfare, and it’s pathetic.

      10. The Japanese American Evacuation Claims Act provided $142,000 for 26,550, or about $5 each. Adjusted for inflation that’s $61 each. Sounds about right!

      11. Reparations for the people 164 yrs ago? The Japanese were in camps under a hundred years ago they still have people that are alive from that time do you see a black person alive that lived during the slave times? So who are we paying and why should people pay for something that they had nothing to do with and to those that didn’t experience slavery for themselves? A honest question cause I believe that MLK died in 1968 the civil war ended slavery in 1865 he died 103 years after the war ended he could have maybe if the person lived gotten preparations because that person suffered, not the ones today who literally just want money it has nothing to do with their grandparents back over 164 years ago again who are we paying not the ones that suffered I can see the race riots like the 1921 Tulsa riots who still live cause we a few left here in my state and they got preparations for what they suffered, but those of the slave time period, why should our children pay for something that they were no part of and happened well over 100 years ago make it make sense

      12. Mainly because the people wanting reparations WERE NEVER SLAVES. The government should not pay anyone simply based on their skin color. And if they did, how black do you have to be to get the cash? What if you’re mixed? What if you’re Puerto Rican but you look black? This nonsense is flawed. It’s 2023. Don’t try and say there aren’t any wealthy and successful black people. You can be anything you want in this country regardless of the color of your skin. The return to segregation being pushed by the left is getting really old. We need to unite as one and embrace cultures and differences. We do not need to elevate people based on superficial things such as skin color. By the way, I’m black. Not quite sure if my skin is the right shade to get that payout but still black.

  11. Another example of why Disney needs to fail. They need to finally realize that their far leftist agenda is killing the company. They need to flush their entire leadership and start over. Gut the movie/TV division and start with a new direction. It’s not like they don’t know what people want, they just choose not to give it.

    1. You don’t think people want them to tackle real issues in this country? They said absolutely nothing wrong in the show

      1. “Systemic racism” was never an issue until radical leftists like you made it one. Because you won’t shut up about it. You’re an evil abomination who wants to see America destroyed and become communist.

      2. “Systemic racism” was never an issue until radical leftists like you made it an issue. You want to destroy Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy.

      3. Wasn’t King protesting Systematic racism????
        What lie did this tell the original white house was built by enslaved labor.

        Even Wall Street was started to capitalize on trades that were primarily supported by enslaved labor

      4. Everything is wrong with that clip. It’s all Critical Race Theory. And you support Critical Race Theory.

      5. Okay it’s a kid’s show and yeah they did say something wrong Lincoln did free to slaves. There’s no need for this type of hate in the kids show Disney has really got off the edge. And before you call me racist I have you know that I’m Hispanic and my wife is white and our kids are mixed and I tell my kids to be proud of both their Heritage and not to be ashamed of it. And I don’t discriminate against anybody.

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