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Meghan McCain Schools ‘Big Sick’ Star, Forces Mea Culpa

Meghan McCain is a force of nature on “The View.”

The daughter of ailing Sen. John McCain currently inhabits the “token conservative” chair on the long-running talk show. In that role, she routinely outduels her far-left co-hosts as well as guests who deserve a fair but fierce roasting.


She does her homework. Listening to co-hosts like Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg shows they often fail to do their due diligence.

Not McCain.

Turns out she’s just as bold on social media. McCain scolded White House Aid Kelly Sadler recently for the aid’s ghoulish swipe at her father, currently battling brain cancer.

“The Big Sick” star Kumail Nanjiani acknowledged Sadler’s comment via Twitter. He also attempted to score points against her sick father with this poorly conceived Tweet.

He followed that message up with this:

Of course, no one is responsible to fight back against every and any slice of evil. Then again, the Left has turned just about everything concocted by conservatives as evil (sometimes even Hitler-lite). That’s another angle for another day.

So McCain fired back to protect her father and his legacy.

Nanjiani quickly backed down.

Of course, he and his fellow liberals have said vile things about Sen. McCain. “The View’s” own Goldberg once suggested a McCain presidency could mean she’d be back in chains, slavery style.

For more context, consider Nanjiani’s own brand of hate. He once cursed out a gaggle of GOP members in an incendiary Tweet he later removed.

Twitchy caught it all the same.

His “Big Sick” co-star, Zoe Kazan, is equally crude on social media. She recently Tweeted about an alleged spike in LGBTQ deaths, saying both President Trump and the GOP were murderers directly tied to the increase.

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