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Journalists Torch ‘Anti-Vax’ Ice Cube

Media attack rapper for daring to think for himself, question vaccine narratives

Why would Ice Cube let himself be interviewed by someone the press insists is a Fake News peddling racist?

We’re seeing the answers in real time.

The rapper/actor sat down with Tucker Carlson for a sprawling, two-part interview published exclusively on Twitter this week. Carlson remains a pundit without a home following his shocking Fox News exit earlier this year, but he appears content to keep on talking via social media.

The two shared laughs, insights and an appreciation for speaking inconvenient truths when necessary. They also opined on some of the most challenging topics in the culture.

  • Race
  • Police
  • Politics
  • COVID-19
  • Free speech

The interviews were cordial, professional and enlightening. And they revealed plenty, including the full reason Cube turned down a $9 million movie offer and which media outlets refuse to let him speak (“The View,” Oprah Winfrey).

More telling?

The media’s reaction to Cube’s comments. The rapper noted how his willingness to think for himself inspires plenty of blowback.

Reporters were more than eager to prove him right.

The far-Left Daily Beast used Cube’s social media critics to frame its attack. They “dragged” the 54-year-old for his “anti-vax” opinions, the site cried. The article sounds like it was written three years ago when we were told without question the COVID-19 vaccines were extraordinarily safe, effective and any talk of side effects was pure conspiracy theory. used the same template, embracing Cube’s social media critics to punish him for speaking to Carlson and questioning CDC narratives. The site used some of the same Twitter users to burnish its argument.

To the media, anyone who questions any element of the COVID-19 vaccines is “anti-vax.” No nuance. No exceptions.

The Black-themed outlet was also triggered by Cube saying President Barack Obama did little for the black community.

Billboard offers a less biased report of the exchange, but it neglects to include recent revelations regarding the vaccine or remind readers how many of the promises attached to the vaccine proved false.

Dr. Marty Makary, a professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and an oncology surgeon at the school’s affiliated hospital, noted a recent study from Cedars Sinai found a disturbing 30% increase in heart attack deaths among adults between the ages of 25 and 44 during the first two years of the COVID pandemic. One theory holds that the uptick could be the result of COVID itself, while another places blame on the vaccine. Makary said there is evidence for the latter.

The reporting also ignores the fact that Cube didn’t attack the vaccine for others, including older citizens more vulnerable to the virus. 

He simply chose a different medical route for both him and his children, a decision he had hoped would remain private. Young people remain remarkably resistant to COVID-19’s more deleterious side effects and, simultaneously, vulnerable to the vaccine’s potential side effects.

Yahoo! News doubled down on the anti-Cube sentiment, sharing not one but two stories critical of the rapper. The first, from HuffPo, again relied on some of the same “outraged” Ice Cube fans cited in previous stories.

If said outrage was so significant, why can’t journalists find more examples?

Vibe’s article on Cube, also picked up by Yahoo! News, claimed the interview “left many fans disappointed.” The article said Cube meeting with “conservative” politician Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. also riled his base. Never mind the fact that Kennedy is an old-school Democrat running for his party’s presidential nomination against President Joe Biden.

Why include Fake News in the very first paragraph? It’s simple.

Kennedy is fellow free thinker, and the press loathes that mindset. You will do as told, think as told and not question authority.

The rap superstar thinks for himself, too, and isn’t keen on authority figures.

It’s why his days of generating positive press are likely over following his Carlson confab.


  1. @Dwayne Coleman

    The greater irony is that many conservatives caved to the COVID hysteria. Even Ron DeSantis pushed for COVID mandates in Florida early on.

    Contrast this to liberal Ice Cube, who refused to cave no matter the financial cost or attacks from the MEDIA.

    1. Fred, one reason the scam went on as long as it did was because so many conservatives bought it and played along even if they didn’t. I never wore a mask, and it was impossible to get friends and family who knew better to stop waring the damn things. It was too intimidating for them. I got to enjoy my little virtue signal of being the only one in Walmart without a mask on. And DeSantis allowed the emergency declaration to stay in force way, way too long. His response left much to be desired for quite a while (we’re in Florida).

  2. The irony is Ice Cube is the last man I would give credit for being moderate or conservative, and little proves his “Left wing credentials”(and I use the word “credential” loosely) as much as his anti-White behavior.

  3. “It’s why his days of generating positive press are likely over following his Carlson confab.”

    – Christian Toto

    Ice Cube triggering the MEDIA for stating his honest opinions has happened for years. I’d start worrying when Cube stops having this effect.

  4. I find the media’s hyperbolic, hysterical reactions to Tucker Carlson profoundly entertaining. Says much more about them than it does him, methinks.

  5. How is it that the fanatics who still defend the COVID vaccine so vehemently are not embarrassed? They must be so busy making up news that they don’t bother to read any.

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