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‘Marvels’ Plummets up to 80 Percent in Box Office Nightmare

MCU's troubles grow as 'Captain Marvel' sequel collapses in second frame

Superhero movies often fall more than 50 percent in their second weekends.

They’re front-loaded with enthusiastic fans, and that initial box office return is so mighty it’s impossible to match.

That means you might see a 55-65 percent decline in week two, and it’s still considered respectable or even excellent in some cases. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” fell 68 percent in week two, and it was still part of its magnificent box office run.

And then there’s “The Marvels.”

The Marvels Was Doomed From The Start

It’s no secret the film underwhelmed in its opening frame, earning just $46.1 million. That’s a third of what the original film opened with, and the worst MCU debut ever.

And it just got worse.

The far-Left Deadline reports “The Marvels” is estimated to plunge 73 percent from that awful, no good opening. The film’s domestic total stands at $67 million. Mind you, the film’s budget is anywhere from $220-275 million, depending on the news source.

Those figures don’t include massive marketing costs for a film of its size.

“Higher. Further. Faster?” Not exactly.

Laura Karpman - Higher. Further. Faster. Together. (From "The Marvels"/Audio Only)

Exhibitor Relations suggests the fall could be even more cataclysmic.

It didn’t help that director Nia DiCosta slammed critics of the MCU’s woke makeover earlier this week.

“There are pockets where you go because you’re like, ‘I’m a super fan. I want to exist in the space of just adoration — which includes civilized critique … then there are pockets that are really virulent and violent and racist — and sexist and homophobic and all those awful things. And I choose the side of the light. That’s the part of fandom I’m most attracted to.” 

Those so-called racist, sexist, homophobic and violent movie goers stayed home, apparently.

The media narrative on the film has been so negative, even from press outlets eager to run cover for it, that the far-Left HuffPo rushed to the rescue. The site claims the response to “The Marvels,” which features two women of color in key roles, was racist and sexist.

That account comes with a blast of Fake News:

None of Marvel’s properties in 2023 have been a resounding success, even if they’ve broken even.

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” earned $358 million in the U.S. and another $486 million overseas for a total of $845 million. Any film studio would kill for those numbers.

HuffPo’s defense ignores the fact that many black-led films thrive in theaters (“Black Panther,” “Wakanda Forever,” “Hidden Figures” and “Get Out” instantly rush to mind). Plus, 2023’s biggest hit remains “Barbie,” a film with feminism baked into every scene.

A second film to dramatically underperform this weekend? Director Taika Waititi’s “Next Goal Wins.” The film, which sat on the shelf for a spell, opened with a terrible $2.2 million from 2,240 theaters. predicted a $4.2 million debut.

Waititi’s once-golden brand is dimming, no doubt, following this and his execrable “Thor: Love and Thunder.” The terrible reviews for the feel-good soccer comedy at Rotten Tomatoes didn’t help, either.

Soccer remains far less popular stateside than across the globe. The film’s most prominent secondary character is played by nonbinary performer Kaimana, and that may have alienated some viewers. That’s a shame since Kaimana is the best part of the otherwise weak film.


  1. A super woman to me is a woman who can cook a meal for a family of five and still look good doing it. Too many idiot women today think chicken nuggets is a meal. I doubt if any of these super women in the movie could fry an egg. Silly s***.

  2. There’s more Hispanics in this nation than blacks but yet almost every single time they have a chance to put another race into a top role that always have to go black. There are Vietnamese, Armenians, Filipinos, Samoans, pick any other race doesn’t have to be hispanic. But no just more ‘blackwashing’. Guess diversity just means black or gay

  3. Could it be that the “star” of “the Marvels” is just insufferable and a dour turnoff for many. She was fantastic in “Room,” but rough to watch in everything else.

  4. When the sole promotion of a film is based on identity nonsense for the sake of identity nonsense, people are waking up and saying no, it just cuts around the edges of the goal of the far left, tolerance for pedophilia, their ultimate sick goal

  5. Next Goal Wins is the best movie I’ve seen in quite some time. I laughed and I cried. Look for the humor that’s not right in your face – that’s where you find hilarity.
    And the beautiful lesson this movie and the wonderfully tolerant Samoan culture has to teach us about treating those of us who don’t fit neatly into traditional gender roles – that’s the take away message from this movie.
    If you miss this movie, you’re missing out.

  6. I would tend to avoid any film with a significant role being played by a trans actor. It has nothing to do with the individual trans actor, but everything to do with the signal being sent by the producer: Come pay 20 bucks to endure a 2 hour lecture on the glories of woke ideology. No thanks. I’ll stay home and watch Blazing Saddles.

    1. I share your lecture loathing … but I didn’t feel it in Next Goal Wins. The true story features a trans athlete, plus the script treats the character as a three dimensional soul … flaws, strengths, etc.

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