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Crowder Returns, Brings Rebel Comics with Him for Mug Club Revival

Di Paolo. Breuer. Callen. All part of 'Louder with Crowder' 2.0 on Rumble

Comedian Steven Crowder boasts a larger following than many comedians.

Need proof?

How many stand-ups could generate a $50 million offer for their podcasts? That’s what The Daily Wire dangled before the “Louder with Crowder” host before the two sides split in a very public divorce.

Now, Crowder is using his clout to lift up other comedians who feel the heat for speaking their minds.

“Louder with Crowder” returned after a belated hiatus today, and the comedy showcase now calls the YouTube alternative Rumble its official home. Crowder began his first show by introducing his new team, one minus previous co-host Dave Landau.

“Louder with Crowder” will now feature shows by Bryan Callen, the “MADtv” alum and MMA announcer, veteran comedian Nick Di Paolo and “Saturday Night Live” alum Jim Breuer. Gun ‘tuber MrGunsNGear is another new addition to the lineup.

The new crew will also appear on the “Louder with Crowder” show, which airs five days a week in the new format instead of four.

“None of them need Mug Club,” Crowder said of the additions. “We wanted to be partners.” Plus, he noted each had stuck his out neck in a culture where only certain opinions are allowed.

Breuer condemned elements of pandemic-era rules, for example, and endured a media drubbing as a result. Di Paolo’s conservatism cost him opportunities along the way, Crowder noted.

“There needs to be a net in this industry,” he said.

Crowder has faced repeated censorship from Big Tech platforms like YouTube over the years. The video giant, owned by Google, has demonetized “Louder with Crowder” and punished the show in the past.

Big Tech censors routinely target right-leaning comedians or just those who don’t follow mainstream media narratives on hot-button issues.

An edited version of “Louder with Crowder” can still be seen on YouTube, but the full show sans censorship can be found on Rumble.

“I truly believe we’re at an inflection point … one where we can finally break through the stranglehold of Big Tech and their government cronies,” Crowder said.

The Mug Club membership is now $89 per year for full access, but Crowder said the full shows will be free for one month via a trial offer.


  1. can’t agree. DW knew S.Crowders rep for getting demonetized yet their contract threatened financial punishments if YT acted against his content. that’s insane because they were pursuing SC specifically for his edginess. the public airing is pretty gross but hopefully DW feels some shame and can reform their tough guy approach to comedians that run afoul of the fascista in #tech

  2. I used to watch Crowder almost daily, but cannot any more after that little temper tantrum he threw regarding the Daily Wire offer.
    Contract negotiations can be rigorous and frustrating. They make you an offer. You don’t like it, so you make a counter offer. They make a counter offer to your counter offer, etc, etc. ,etc. If you still can’t come to an agreement, you thank them for their time and move on. That’s how it’s supposed to work.
    Instead, Crowder flew off the handle at the first offer. Never tried to negotiate. Never made a counter offer.
    What he did do was record Daily Wire founder Jeremy Boreing’s phone conversation without his knowledge or consent and tried to use it to harm Daily Wire.
    The result? Crowder lost a $50 million deal and damaged Daily Wire in the process. Both sides came out on the losing end.
    Conservatives have a hard enough time as it is trying to take on this Woke Monolith the dominates and controls the culture. They last thing we need to do it fight amongst ourselves.
    Crowder behaved shamefully, and no matter how talented he is, I can’t stand to watch him any more after this.

    1. I agree, there was no reason to make that all public. The evil left was ecstatic to see the infighting. We have to be as united as them. The left works in lockstep. When one of theirs doesn’t, they get excommunicated. We don’t have to totally work in lockstep, but we have to be united on our main purpose to fight the leftists. Don’t give them an inch. If you have a disagreement, work it out, privately. But focus your rage on the target. I don’t have a lot of hope for the right, but if there’s going to be any hope at all, we can’t bicker in public.

    2. I think you’re on the wrong side of this but respect your opinion. There is so much that came out of Jeremy’s mouth during his rebuttal to SC that was at the very best disingenuous but that being said I’ll continue to root for The Daily Wire and each and every conservative media outlet.

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