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Is the Ultimate Woke Fail?

Uber-progressive music festival gets shredded by ... The Daily Beast offered the perfect nod to today’s woke world.

The music festival vowed a “radical movement designed for & by Black, Brown, Asian/Pacific Islander, & LGBTQIA+ spirits & creator.”

Artists like Missy Elliott, Wizkid, Jhene Aiko, Audrey Nuna and El Alfa would rock the progressive crowd in an uppercut to white supremacy, the patriarchy, etc.


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Alas, the two-day event, slated for an August 19, debut, is no more.

The team behind the event pulled the plug on this year’s debut less than a month before the first note could be played.


The official explanation is almost comical.

“The reason is complex, yet simple: The combination of the shifting dynamics of our industry, the inflation we’re all feeling and new safety regulations that were recently put in place would have forced us to greatly alter your experience to a smaller, watered-down, inauthentic version.”

Biden’s recession shut down what was billed as a “purpose-driven music experience.”

The festival, the brainchild of Afropunk founder Matthew Morgan, Jocelyn Cooper and the creative agency Anomaly, vowed to end the music industry’s “equity gap.”

They’ll have to wait ‘til next year to do that, apparently.

Except The Daily Beast isn’t buying the festiva’s excuses. The far-Left news site, which calls Cancel Culture as “American as apple pie,” excoriated the event.

How a weekend of wristbands and portable toilets was supposed to do that is unclear, as is the festival’s abrupt cancelation that’s now left hundreds of ticket holders scrambling for refunds that are unlikely to arrive until mid-September.

The Daily Beast talked to disgruntled ticket buyers and compared the event’s collapse to the infamous Fyre Festival. That event, captured in not one but two feature documentaries, set the standard for festival crash-and-burns. may be a distant second, at least for now.

FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The site also noted that the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation didn’t respond to its request to expand on the so-called Safety Regulations that would have stifled the equity gap closures.

Disheartened ticket buyers railed against the festival online and worried about getting their refunds in a timely manner. They also complained that the Instagram account, with 13.7K followers, shut down comments after the cancellation.


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LetsGetFre.. hardly set social media on fire. The festival’s Twitter account has a measly 410 followers, and the post announcing the cancellation doesn’t allow for replies, either.

The festival’s YouTube channel, which boasts just one video, has 11 subscribers.

This year’s implosion may prevent fans from giving the festival a second chance. And, chances are, the Biden administration’s recession may take more than a year to resolve itself.

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