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How Late-Night TV Finally Ran Out of Lies

President Biden's disastrous debate performance strips propaganda comics bare

The jig, as they say, is up.

President Joe Biden’s calamitous June 27 debate performance did more than upend the presidential election. It proved that late-night comedians aren’t just partisans.

They’re gaslighting experts on par with the corporate press.

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Folks like Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert used their platforms to tell us we shouldn’t believe our eyes and ears when it comes to Biden’s mental acuity.

Now, even they can’t spin the stone-cold truth. Or can they? We’ll find out as soon as July 8. That’s when Colbert returns from his current summer vacation.

The Hollywood in Toto Podcast explains what went wrong and how those late-night lies can’t be told any longer.

We also speak with National Review’s Senior Political Correspondent Jim Geraghty about his new spy thriller, “Dueling Six Demons” as well his thoughts on conservative art in the 21st century.

HiT 250: How Late-Night TV Finally Ran Out of Lies

And we share why “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” is the best franchise sequel since the 1984 original.

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  1. Greg Gutfeld is obviously excluded from this group. For one thing, he’s not a comedian. Though he does have comedic guests.

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