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JP Sears, Chandler Juliet Mock Chelsea Handler’s Childless Video

Comedians serve up funnier, pointed takes on woke comic's viral clip

Chelsea Handler has no desire to start a family, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Not every adult is prime parenting material, and many factors play into a woman’s willingness to have a baby.

  • Infertility
  • Income status
  • Inability to find a life partner
  • Mental health priorities
  • Fear of parenthood

The 47-year-old comic, who went from wacky to woke in recent years, felt the need to defend her child-free status earlier this month.

Handler’s video, which initially appeared during her guest-hosting stint on the low-rated “Daily Show,” went viral in a hurry.

Being childless sounds like paradise, at least according to Handler.

The clip spawned a sea of responses, with conservatives lashing out at the clip’s defensive posture. The media, of course, framed Handler’s video in the most positive manner possible.

Others saw fit to make their own comic responses.

YouTube sensation JP Sears flexed his social media might with this funny retort.


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“Not having kids empowers me to stay an immature kid myself,” Sears says in the video while chasing a gaggle of chickens. The clip leans hard into narcissism, shared in Sears’ sing-song cadence.

It wasn’t the only comic retort to Handler’s video.

The Babylon Bee’s Chandler Juliet also created a response to the viral video. Juliet, a rising star best known for the Bee’s “Californians Move to Texas” clip series, stars in an influencer-style video about the joy of a baby-free existence.

The title itself sets the stage: “A Day In The Life Of A Childless Woman Who Is NOT AT ALL MISERABLE”

A Day In The Life Of A Childless Woman Who Is NOT AT ALL MISERABLE

Juliet’s kid-free life teems with prescription medication and numbing premarital sex.

The Bee clip has generated north of 300,000 on YouTube over a four-day period while Sears’ Instagram clip garnered 50K likes.


  1. Haha just love people like christian toto getting triggered despite saying there’s nothing wrong with her message you go Chelsea troll harder

  2. She’s the comic version of Sex and the City. At 47, she’s almost 20 years since she became unmarriageable and infertile. She couldn’t wait to do this video although she already did this act numerous times before. It’s also funny how she says she doesn’t have to chase kids around and have to call the babysitter. If she actually had a kid 20 years ago, they would be in college by now.

      1. It’s not magic, it’s a choice, right? It’s birth control, it’s waiting too long. The result is the same. She infertile for a long time.

  3. Those of us who see the glass as half full would take solace in the fact that leftists not reproducing means that, assuming most kids take on the political persuasions of their parents, the hard left will end up making itself extinct in a generation or two.

    1. Long ago they infiltrated and control public education as well as most universities. They warp and indoctrinate everyone else’s children.

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