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Jordan Peterson Schools Bill Maher on Canadian Fascism

Daily Wire pundit tells 'Club Random' host about Trudeau's totalitarian ways

Bill Maher makes a living mocking political elites, but he has major gaps in his Beltway knowledge.

For example, he admitted last year that he still believes President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. That’s despite the Mueller Report finding no evidence of such collusion and major investigations concluding the same.

We know even more today how Hillary Clinton concocted the faux scandal and various government bodies doubled down on the lies.

Maher didn’t know the truth, in part, because he likely ingests a steady diet of Mainstream Media misinformation.

So it’s not a shock to learn Maher had no idea how Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau crushed dissent during the height of the pandemic lockdowns.

Jordan Peterson | Club Random with Bill Maher

Maher broached the subject with this week’s “Club Random” guest, Canadian professor and Daily Wire contributor Jordan Peterson. Maher, knowing his guest’s native roots, brought up a “dumb” quote from Trudeau about the truckers who protested the country’s pandemic policies.

Maher paraphrased Trudeau’s quote with shock.

“We have a vibrant democracy here in Canada and we value protests… but when you use protests to object to the policies of the government I think you’re going too far,” Maher said.

“What the f*** is protest for except to object to the policies of the government,” Maher added, laughing.

Canadian truckers rebelled against the nation’s draconian lockdown measures which impacted their livelihoods and, as we learned later, had little actual science behind them.

Peterson leaned into the conversation.

“They seized the bank accounts of 200 Canadians and that was not amusing,” Peterson notes. “Trudeau has no idea what that did to Canada’s international reputation.”

Maher looked stunned.

“Wait. Go back. They seized the bank accounts of people who were in the protests?” Maher said.

“They [even] seized some bank accounts of people who only sent money to the protests,” Peterson. “They locked them out of the financial system.”

“That is creepy,” Maher admitted.

“I can’t imagine a politician doing anything more inappropriate than that … No trial. No real investigation,” Peterson said before adding how Trudeau even blamed MAGA Republicans for allegedly funding the protests.

“It’s completely preposterous,” Peterson noted. “Why would MAGA Republicans foment dissent in Ottawa? Even if they knew where it was, which they don’t, why would they?”

Maher laughed through those comments.


  1. I think Peterson was very patient with Maher whose contribution to the conversation seemed random and somewhat shallow. He doesn’t seem to have thought things through, or tried to take the opposite point of view once in a while to test his assumptions. Peterson wanted to talk seriously but Maher did not seem ready to engage or discuss at more than a superficial level. Opportunity missed, unfortunately, although I am glad I listened.

  2. The revelation that the nation is being run by bona-fide psychopaths is substantial. Vacuous?

  3. The only “fascist” element (if it even is) of Trump or any other figure on the Right in the US is the idea of America First. The totalitarianism and socialist aspects of fascism rest squarely on the Left.

    1. Well the fascist left is also strongly nationalistic. Which is why Antifa is communist, they are internationalists. But I am very happy to see you recognize that fascism is a left wing socialist ideology. China is no longer communist, although they are headed that way now. China is VERY fascist.

    2. This is where the Left gets it all wrong. The believe any form of nationalism is Fascism.
      Nationalism was only a small part of Fascism. The USSR and the CCP engage(ed) in just as much Nationalism as the Fascists and the NAZis did.

      This blinds them the the Fascist tactics that the Left employs in the western world so they do not see it as Fascist.
      Until the Jack boot lands on their balls!

  4. This article is the most vacuous piece of content I’ve consumed this year. Your title does not represent the substance of the article at all. It immediately exposes itself a cheap grab for attention. Wouldn’t you be worthy of more respect and attention if you leaned into the truth some more?

    1. I invite you to re-read the article. Maybe you’ll then be able to put the title and Maher’s and Peterson’s remarks in context.

      But first I recommend you polish your reading “skills”, such as they are.

    2. That is about the most lightweight, irrelevant post I’ve read in a very, very long time.

      Humor your audience – tell everyone how this is misleading. Maybe something about how Maher knew all of this, and therefore there was no schooling that took place.

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