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Jon Stewart Mocks Dr. Phil as Gay for Noticing Border Invasion

'Daily Show' host can't debate TV personality, instead launches vulgar attack on him

Dr. Phil quickly figured out how open-border advocates deal with their critics.

“You’re a racist” for wanting any semblance of immigration control. 

This week, Jon Stewart proved Dr. Phil right in the ugliest way possible.

The “Daily Show” host brought up the porous U.S. southern border in a 10-minute screed brimming with misinformation, bias of omission and more. For all of Stewart’s comedy skills, he’s also a deeply dishonest pundit.

He proved it again Monday night.

Along the way, he suggested Dr. Phil was gay for noticing fit, military-aged men were entering the country illegally.

Jon Stewart Unpacks the GOP's "Migrant Crime" Narrative | The Daily Show

The bit opened with a series of video clips culled from, where else, Fox News. The videos showed several hosts accurately noting the border crisis.

Even our corrupt media is starting to frame the problem that way. Team Biden is attempting to address the issue … by blaming the party out of power for the problem.

Stewart looked along with mock horror, assuming that everything being spoken was just more Faux News misinformation. Except it’s not, and Stewart has no answer to it.

So he put his clown nose on and mocked the hosts’ fear of an unchecked U.S. border.

The video montage shifted to Dr. Phil’s recent appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience.” That podcast features open, honest conversations on issues that matter to the American people.

No wonder Stewart loathes it.

Joe Rogan: "They're Selling People At Our Border"

Dr. Phil visited the U.S. southern border recently and noted, among other things, how many Chinese men of military age were crossing it. That included very fit men ready for, well, we don’t know what.

It’s the kind of question an honest journalist might ask. Except we have very few who fit that description.

Enter Stewart.

The comedian suggested Dr. Phil was sexually aroused by the fit men crossing the border for unknown reasons, launching into a nasty, potentially homophobic attack on the TV veteran.

“I want to get a** deep on these immigrants,” Stewart said, mocking Dr. Phil’s southern drawl. The rest of the conversation got more lurid, so it won’t be repeated here.

Stewart briefly acknowledged the historic number of illegal border crossings but blamed the GOP for not passing strong border legislation.

It’s not true, of course.

In fact, Team Biden once bragged about eliminating nearly 100 Trump-era measures designed to bolster border security.

Stewart then briefly noted, without mentioning Laken Riley’s name, that some illegal immigrants are criminals. But isn’t that true of every demographic, he argued?


Except stopping criminals at the border is very different than accepting a society where some will commit crimes. Plus, some illegal immigrants are breaking the law and getting released by soft-on-crime Democrats to commit worse atrocities.

Like murder and rape. Just ask the Riley family about that.

Stewart also ignores how major American cities are buckling under the weight of illegal immigrants.

Until he doesn’t.

He compares clips of Democrats embracing America’s immigration history to New York City Mayor Eric Adams saying the Big Apple is full, thank you. Hizzoner went further, saying President Biden’s unfettered immigration policies will destroy the city. 

But Stewart isn’t buying it. That’s just not living up to America’s values, he says, mocking Adams for living in RealityVille.

None of this is fear-mongering, as Stewart alleges to attack President Donald Trump and the GOP. It’s reality. And you won’t find much of that on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

This might be Stewart’s most dishonest, immoral rant.


  1. Stewart has always been a POS. He ruined the Daily Show, turning a send up of the news into a send up of one party in a two party system. He’s made a career of being a tool of the billionaire class. So he’s not going away. Ever. Billionaires have a long ‘to do’ list after all.

  2. As John’s brother, Jimmy said:
    I think one day youll find that you’re the hero you’ve been looking for.
    James Stewart

  3. I will say, as I have time and again every time it comes up… “Some of them are criminals.” No… every one of them are criminals. That’s the very nature of them being here illegally. I support legal immigration of course. But there’s a difference between someone coming in the front door because you’ve invited them in; versus someone who snuck in through a basement window. That’s not a guest, its an intruder.

  4. Odd…lefty Stewart using homosexuality in a negative connotation. He’ll be excused by the left.

    I heard earlier today that the majority of 18-29 year olds get their news from Tik Tok. Many other nitwits get their news from “The Daily Show.” God have mercy on our stupid nation.

  5. Damn. I miss the old Stewart from about a decade or so ago. He used to be relatively honest and trashed both political parties in a pretty funny way. He must be one of the TDS folks whose mind was “broken” when Trump won in 2016.

    1. A lot of whining about everything in this comment section and article. Looks like a lot of people in need of depends diapers.

  6. You know, to Democrats everything seems to be about sex. Look at Democratic Representative Pramila Jayapal who accused Trump of causing an erection in January of 2024. Senator Schumer did the same thing a while back too. Why is it that liberal’s have this focus? I bet you won’t hear Jon Stewart making any jokes about Roman Polanski wanting to be a** deep on a person.

    1. Huh. Just talk to a lefty about firearms. Eventually yoiu’ll realize that you are talking about guns, but the lefty is talking about wienies.

  7. “Prog” deplorables defend open borders, defund 5.0, trans mutilations, court packing, bail ‘reform’ and ESG at high cost to their reputations.

  8. Looks like he’s making amends to his lefty audience for being honest about ole Joe’s age and cognizance last week.

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