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Why Hollywood Can’t Save Joe Biden This Time

Won't PAC Down assembles hip scribes to boost president's re-election hopes

Reality can be the cruelest of mistresses.

This fact, one assumes, is not lost on Joe Biden.

Last month, the president’s public approval reached its lowest point in nearly two years. Biden’s approval rating among young Americans is particularly low.

His administration’s inability to connect with this crucial demographic spells trouble for the Democrats. The youth vote could prove to be a decisive factor in November.

Enter “Won’t PAC Down,” a new super PAC with a star-studded Hollywood lineup. The group’s mission? Rejuvenate Biden’s appeal among young voters.

Imagine writers and comedians from “Saturday Night Live” and “Parks and Recreation” joining forces with political strategists to inject some much-needed energy into Biden’s image.

Well, imagine no more. 

Their primary goal is to make Biden appear humorous (no easy feat). They intend to achieve this by using a potent mix of comedy and insight designed specifically for Millennials and Gen Zers. Instead of banking on tired celebrity endorsements, they’re enlisting young writers, directors and producers to craft stories that resonate with youth culture.

Victor Borge famously suggested that “laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” That explains the super PAC’s somewhat laughable attempt.

Will witty remarks and carefully curated content be enough to boost Biden’s standing among the young and restless?

The answer is almost certainly no.

When it comes to Biden, according to NBC News, young voices across the political landscape are expressing a range of grievances, from disgust to distrust, driven by a sense of disconnection from the current administration. The initial excitement they initially felt for Biden has faded under the harsh light of reality, leaving young voters feeling dismayed, deflated and dejected.

Poll shows Biden losing support among young voters ahead of 2024 election

Concerns about the president’s cognitive decline, once softly whispered in the corridors of power, are now openly discussed. The concern transcends partisan lines and touches on a deeper anxiety about Biden’s ability to lead in a world that appears to be edging closer to a third world war.

In short, all the joke writers in the world can’t save Biden.


As Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, put it, “Younger voters don’t approve of the job Biden is doing, don’t particularly like him very much, don’t think he has the mental fitness to be president and don’t think he’s handling the most important issues very well.”

Biden’s rival, on the other hand, is doing well with younger voters. Polls indicate that Donald Trump is gaining significant traction among young Americans.

Trump’s unconventional and provocative style resonates with a segment of the youth drawn to his outsider status and his willingness to challenge the establishment.

His presence on social media, where he remains a highly visible and influential figure, also helps him connect with younger voters who consume much of their news and information through these platforms.

Trump was made for social media. Biden was not.

However, as The Washington Post just reported, a group of Democratic donors are working tirelessly to try and make Biden look cool. Again, not an easy task. Ignoring their own worries about young voter disillusionment reflected in Biden’s sagging poll numbers, they’ve devised a rather shameless new strategy to energize voters in at least seven critical states.

By organizing dance parties and comedy shows, and plying attendees with free beer, manicures and contraceptives, donors think this will be enough to convince the skeptics.

Hollywood successfully rallied to Joe Biden’s side in 2020. Don’t expect a sequel.

This glorified PR stunt reeks of desperation, much like the effort to enlist comedy scribes. With inflation soaring, a cost of living crisis crippling the country and an increasingly porous border, there is little to laugh about in America today.

John Mac Ghlionn is a researcher and essayist. He covers psychology and social relations and has a keen interest in social dysfunction and media manipulation. Follow him on Twitter @ghlionn.


  1. hollywood perverts and reprobates and their kind are the only people trying to support a candidate that is a reprobate lunatic with dementia and alzheimer’s

  2. the problem for Hollywood is that enlisting the best and brightest to write puns and speeches for Joe is enlisting some of the most untalented, insipid, unfunny people to ever disgrace the screen. Have you watched a movie or show lately? Disgracefully boring, all DEI (we apparently had black upper class ladies in Jane Austen”s time) and just plain drab. Young people are in country music, not Hollywood. In LA a fat bearded guy filled SoFi stadium, twice. That’s a 100,000 people each time. And he’s not the only one. The appeal? Real, talented, kind, unserious, grateful and a really fun time. Keep at it Hollywood, so you can show everyone how useless you’ve become.

  3. History is repeating itself and the Democrats are reverting to their Jim Cow days. What we are witnessing is what happened 100 years ago. Black parents are told what schools their children will attend (a la McCarthy). Democrats want gun control (see Ida Wells). And the Democrats have formed another masked militia akin to the KKK (Antifa and Pro-Palestinian mobs). Until the black community educated themselves to the atrocities the Democrats did, they will continue to be victims to Democratic rule.
    If Democrats get their way and include illegals in the census, the black population in America will fall to 10% or less. They need to wake up to how the Democrats are giving money to the illegals, thumbing their noses at black Americans. Unless they wake up, blacks will be the first victims of the “great replacement theory”.

  4. Biden was never a good man. Now he is just a cognitively impaired old man, who was never a good human being.

  5. HollyWEIRD’S Lefties minions to the core have about the same RELEVANCE as does the demented Puppet…Zip, Zero, NADA!

  6. We will never get back – this current generation that is alive today will never get back that thing we lost and Biden face is branded on it. There is nothing that he can do to turn it around. Even if through shear luck he becomes the hero that saves us from WWIII, even if they could teach him how to sing and dance and give him drink that would transform him into a Johnny Depp – there is just too much that is tied to him that reminds us of a horror movie with a cackle. Have you ever smelled the dead?

  7. President Donald J. Trump is now and will always be the greatest president that this country has ever had. His courage, his strength, his ability to LEAD and his support from the common man in unsurpassed in modern history. President Trump is the leader that we’ve been looking for and the sooner we put him back in office, the sooner we can begin to be a free country again. God Bless Donald John Trump, #47!!!!!!!!!

  8. The irony is rich. Hollywood used to be conservative as heck. In fact, shaking pom-poms for the Left or even PRETENSE of it used to be a career killer. Now Hollywood pushes on people worse than what used to be banned.

    1. Yesterday told us everything you need to know about the candidates. Biden hobnobs with the rich, who’ve prospered during his administration, while Trump campaigns to everyone else. Biden doesn’t see what his policies have wrought because he listens to the elitists in his party.

    2. Since they do not have to fill up their own car so they has no idea what the change in gas prices over the last few years has been like. Other people buy groceries and make food they would not know about the 35% increase in prices at the grocery store when there is food on the shelves. When they goes out to eat, they never picks up the check. They probably still believes that a Big Mac meal is still $5. Living in a paid for mansion or 10,000sr/ft vacation home they would be clueless about how much rents or house prices have changed. The private security that is armed with guns that they are surrounded with has them believing the gunshots that they hear are just firecrackers in their mind.s

  9. The demonrat party used to be considered the “cool” party because it was seen as the party against the establishment. No more. That distinction now belongs to the GOP and will just continue that way until history repeats itself.

  10. “However, as The Washington Post just reported, a group of Democratic donors are working tirelessly to try and make Biden look cool.” Yeah, but fortunately these efforts are occasionally being stymied by the courts reminding the participants (after legal challenge, of course) that bribing people to vote is, in fact, still illegal. That won’t STOP them from trying, I know, but at least it FRUSTRATES them. There’s some minor satisfaction to be found there.

  11. Hollywood can’t save itself. It has lost its moral and ethical compass. It’s been on the wrong side of every major issue in the last 50 years. Hollywood is over.

  12. “This fact, one assumes, is not lost on Joe Biden.”

    Seriously? Pretty much all facts are completely lost on Pres. Biden these days, unless they include ice cream, sniffing little kids, Hunter, Beau, or Uncle Bosie.

  13. The only way Biden will win, (and I don’t think it will even be him who runs), will be to steal it again.

    1. That is the only way democrats can ever win anything.

      If their hypocritical racist garbage was so good, then the entire world would freely, knowingly and enthusiastically accept it.

      Their ideology would withstand all scrutiny.

      Instead it gets shoved down everyone’s throats at the point of an AK47.

      Much like soviet policy in the good old days of stalin and mao.

      Even Good ‘ol joe stalin said It does not matter how many votes are counted. What matters is who counts them..

      He knew what was up and murdered anyone who disagreed.

      Much like democrats would secretly like to do.

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