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Jim Caviezel: Disney Tried to Remove ‘God’ from ‘Count of Monte Cristo’

'Sound of Freedom' star shared wild, behind-the-scenes tale of 2002 film

Jim Caviezel doesn’t read off the Hollywood script on the promotional circuit.

Yes, that’s the understatement of the year.

The “Passion of the Christ” star works steadily in the industry despite his reluctance to toe the company line. Now, talking to select press for his new film “Sound of Freedom,” Caviezel has taken the shackles entirely off.

That means he’s not promoting the progressive cause du jour.


The star mocked the mainstream media for telling lie after lie after lie.

“Hunter Biden laptop, 2 years, you told us, not true…then it’s true. For 7 years, we learn Donald Trump is a Russian spy…Durham report drops” *snaps* “he’s not a Russian spy.”

He decried sexually explicit Pride displays where children are routinely present, another liberal Hollywood no-no.

The actor also dubbed the Academy Awards as the “Irrelevant Show” for ignoring films like “The Passion of the Christ” (the film earned three minor nominations – Best Score, Best Makeup and Best Cinematography). He even suggested his new film won’t get the acclaim it deserves.

The fact-based “Sound of Freedom,” from Angel Studios, follows a federal agent (Caviezel) who quits his job to save a young girl from child traffickers.

Sound of Freedom | Official Trailer | Angel Studios

Caviezel, who played Edmond Dantes in the big-screen adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ classic text, pushed back behind-the-scenes.

“They wanted me to remove ‘God’ from all the script. True story … what happened to God? ‘God will give me justice,‘” he said, reciting a famous quote from the novel.

“I had to say, no, I can’t do this,'” he said. The response?

“Disney said, ‘oh, so you’re one of those?’ I said, ‘one of those what? One of those who re-write Alexandre Dumas? One of those who re-write Shakespeare?’ because that’s essentially what you did,” the actor claimed of the exchange. “So I held my ground and by God they backed off.”

The actor mentioned the story, in part, to tell other Christian artists to stand up for their beliefs in an  industry that may be wary of them.

“We’ve got to be strong Christians like that, to hold the ground when you have to, to say, ‘we’re not buying that product anymore,'” he said, likely alluding to recent, right-leaning boycotts of products from Target and Bud Light.


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  2. This 2002 film was fantastic, and without the spiritual aspect of God being fundamental to it, it could not have claimed to be a solid re-telling of the Dumas classic. Good for you, Jim, you undoubtedly saved this movie! Disney should have been thanking you.

  3. The Count of Monte Cristo was a great movie in part because it stuck to the source material. Good on Jim for making them do so.

  4. Mediocre film and that’s why it had a very bad international box office. Being rejected by the rest of the world.
    The 1979 French adaptation with Jacques Weber is far superior to this fanfic full of historical anachronisms and socio-cultural inaccuracies.

  5. Disney used to make the kind of movies that families wanted to watch. You know, the “customers”.
    Now Disney makes the kind of movies that they would want to watch. If you want to watch them to, great. If you don’t, go eff yourselves.
    In other words, they’re adopting the same business model the news media now goes by.

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