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James Cameron Learns Hard Lesson – You’re Never Woke Enough

'Avatar' director's eco-activism, vegan lifestyle no match for online scolds

The King of the World is having a hard week.

James Cameron, who playfully dubbed himself that after his “Titanic” won 11 Academy Awards in 1998, just released his first major film in 13 years.

Avatar: The Way of Water” continues the saga he started in 2009, a parable for man’s mistreatment of Mother Earth.

Avatar: The Way of Water | New Trailer

Cameron is one of Hollywood’s most eco-aware celebrities, and he’s putting millions into that sentiment. He made his “Way of Water” cast go vegan, invested in plant-based food initiatives and is spending his Hollywood capital on message projects like “The Game Changers.”

Respect the environment … or else. Except he hasn’t stopped there.

Recently, Cameron extolled the pregnant female warriors in “The Way of Water,” saying they trump the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it comes to female empowerment. Next, he blasted male testosterone, calling it a “toxin” that needs to be purged from the body.

None of that woke messaging protected him from even more woke critics.


First, some chastised Cameron for an “Avatar”-themed spectacle including dolphins. The Japanese event found Cameron, along with the film’s stars including Sigourney Weaver and Zoe Saldana, joined by a dolphin presentation. 

The reaction was swift and furious, with animal activists enraged at Cameron’s so-called betrayal.

Cameron later said he wasn’t aware of the dolphin part of the presentation and was angry about it but decided not to object mid-show. The director apologized to several of his critics via email.

“So, if people really want to save the dolphins, they should put down the damn tuna melt … in fact, stop eating fish altogether and stick to plant-based proteins, as I have for the last 10 years. I wanted you to know this was a faux pas outside my ability to foresee or prevent, and that I’m sorry about it.”

Next, a single film critic suggested “Avatar: The Way of Water” amounts to little more than a White Savior film riddled with cultural appropriation.

Woods wasn’t alone.

Others weighed in, blasting Cameron’s film on similar grounds.

…the new Avatar film is being accused of using an amalgamation of the histories of various Indigenous cultures for a film that features a largely white cast. (Notable exceptions in the casting include Zoe Saldaña, a Black Latina actress, and Cliff Curtis, who is of Maori descent.)

Autumn Asher BlackDeer, an assistant professor in the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver, shared her critiques on social media.

“Why watch a ridiculous movie about blue aliens when you could just support actual Indigenous people and our struggle for clean water here on Earth? Yes, we do exist.”

Cameron is Hollywood royalty, an Oscar winner with a celebrated film resume including “Aliens” and “The Terminator.” He’s a King in the industry, and deservedly so given his box office success.

He still didn’t realize an artist can never be woke enough in today’s society. He’s learning that lesson the hard way.


  1. A predictably stupid right wing “take” . HE ISN’T “LEARNING” ANYTHING MORON. He’s one of them. He was “upset” about the Dolphins TOO. Do you even understand the crap you write? He’s ON THEIR SIDE. He hates US . He hates people who love Christ, he hates those who oppose sodomite “marriage”. He hates those who oppose GROOMING KIDS IN SCHOOL. Just because he somehow ran afoul of the mob he runs with in NO WAY means that he is EVER coming over to your side. How stupid.

  2. How about Hollywood produce adult films for awhile. With adult conversation and normal human life. Our culture’s deepening infantilization with all these sci-fi spectacles and superhero special effect abominations is pathetic.

  3. Anyone who makes a film about female empowerment is a hack pandering to a biased audience. It’s funny that wokeness came back to bite him anyway. BTW, you should not have identified the commentor as a professor. this is a matter of opinion and she has no expertise, as that does not exist;

  4. He’ll learn. While obeying all the prominent rules and regulstions he’ll face the firing squad gor violating the small ones. Shame such a talented individual is such an idiot.

  5. All the wokester critics are NPCs who take no risks, play no significant part in life, and think themselves safe from criticisms such as they themselves dole out in their no-way-to-conform world. Freaks, losers, and dumbed-down geeks all.

  6. Since Cameron insulted Testosterone, and my man hood as a result, I have now added him to my ever growing Hollywood blacklist of people I will never support again.

    Time for any of these woke pushers to go out of business. Enough!

  7. James Cameron is rightly celebrated for Terminator 1 & 2, and Aliens. And True Lies.
    But what has he done since?
    Could his decline have something to do with his diet?
    I myself have not eaten any animal food for the last 2 days … but i have a big beef steak and a 1 kg salmon steak in the fridge. I might be wrong, but i think that i know what is good for my brain — and James Cameron does not know what is good for his.

    1. There’s a growing body of medical/scientific literature that diet does impact mental health and finds that veganism is no friend when it comes to mental well-being. Dr. Georgia Ede, among others, is doing extensive work on this topic.

      1. Thank you, i just looked at Dr Ede’s website.
        I myself noticed the connection between nutrition and mental health when i cut down on the carbs 11 years ago. At present, i normally have no breakfast, a veggie-free lunch and a vegan dinner. As long as i avoid seed oils, refined sugars, and gluten, that seems to work — but i don’t know whether i could do better.

      2. “A man who follows his natural inclinations with due deference to moderation and common sense is usually on the right track”. Said a wise man once

  8. But everyone would hate Pocahontas today because they both saved each other from their communities. Savages savages.

    No wonder Avatar 2 is underperforming. There’s no winning.

    1. @Will

      Avatar 2 has made more money that Top Gun: Maverick globally. It could beat Maverick in the U.S. box office in the long term.

      If this is “underperforming,” I’d hate to see Cameron’s latest film be a rousing success.

      And Disney is really estatic about Avatar 2 since it along with Marvel movies made the studio No. 1 at the 2022 box office, domestically and globally.

  9. Cameron clearly suffers from too much residual testosterone. He needs to carefully consider the full range of surgical options open to him to eliminate his Wrongthink.

  10. What Cameron doesn’t get is that he’s the Old Left, and our culture has been taken over by the New Left, who demand total conformity. It doesn’t matter how far he pushes the eco-message, he has a white male hero and a pro-family theme, therefore he’s not conformist enough. Welcome to our world, Cameron.

    1. I think Cameron’s problem, obviously, is residual testosterone. Clearly, he needs castration to eliminate all his Wrongthink.

      1. Hollywoodites like him preach instead of just making a entertaining quality movie. I do not financially support them. I did go to Top Gun Maverick, Devotion, and Where the Crawdads Sing. That is what movies are supposed to be. I also do not give a rats ass about Hollywood opinions, except for Morgan Freeman and James Woods.

      2. Not everybody in Hollywood is a leftist maniac, don’t put everyone under the same umbrella, otherwise we’d look no better than the leftoids who trash all men and whites

    2. He literally forced the entire cast to become vegan. In other words, demanded total conformity. Think or at least read before you use yet another article to push YOUR own agenda. Do you hate your own testosterone ? Seriously. What are you even saying here but another excuse to diatribe.

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